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The Week Of January 25 Will Be The Best For Air Signs

Your horoscope this week is an intense, no-nonsense rollercoaster ride. In fact, none of it feels all that easy, and that's just the way the cookie crumbles in astrology sometimes. However, even though it might feel rough, that doesn't mean you won't find beauty in the experience of it all. Fortunately, it's Aquarius season and Aquarius is the zodiac sign of innovation, authenticity, and hope. No matter how hard it gets, Aquarius doesn't dare to give up on their vision for what the world could be. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of January 25, 2021, staying positive will probably come a bit more naturally to you.

It gets wild real fast. On Jan. 26, the sun will form a square with unpredictable and electrifying Uranus, creating the perfect environment for sudden changes that throw you for a loop to take place. People may surprise you this week and you might even surprise yourself. Venus — planet of love — will also join forces with smoldering Pluto on Jan. 28, penetrating superficial relationships with the cold, hard truth. Beware of jealousy and controlling tendencies, because this transit can bring you closer with someone or pull you even further apart depending on what lies in your heart. Jan. 28 is also when the full moon in Leo flames through the sky, which could leave you feeling so emotional you may burst. After all, this is Leo, the zodiac sign of dramatics, and this full moon will most certainly bring it.

Even though air signs will have the best week, it's clear they'll be feeling the intensity of the moment just as deeply as the rest of the zodiac. Jan. 30 is also when Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will commence, leaving a major mark on air signs. Here's how:


Gemini: You're Bursting With New Ideas And Perspectives

There's nothing you love more than the exciting feeling of understanding a concept on a deeper level or coming up with a brilliant new idea, Gemini. This week, you might be coming up with a lot of these, but they won't necessarily come to you with ease. You know better than anyone that stretching your imagination also means taking risks and embracing deeper experiences. You may feel as though the universe is putting you through one trial after another. Luckily, you'll come away from each of these trials having learned something new, making it all feel worth it.

Libra: Creativity And Romance Is Pulling On Your Heartstrings

You're easily one of the most romantic and creative signs in all the zodiac, Libra. You love it when your reality reverberates with life after you fall in love. However, you also prefer to keep things light and free-flowing so you can avoid conflict as much as possible. This week, you might be realizing you can't have one without the other, forcing you to make a conscious choice between embracing your deeper emotions or keeping your cool. There's no right or wrong answer. The only answer is the one you know to be true deep in your heart.

Aquarius: Your Relationships Are Coming Into Focus

It's your solar return, Aquarius, and you're doing a lot of work thinking about who you are and where you're going next. It's been a confidence-inducing and motivating experience as much as it's been filled with mistakes and self-criticism. However, take a break from thinking about where you're supposed to be and focus on where you are. Which relationships are significant in your life at the moment? What do these relationships mean to you right now? Before you can get to point B, you need to understand point A and who's embarking on this journey from point A to point B with you.