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Uncomfortable Changes Are Expected For These 3 Signs The Week Of January 20

Everything is temporary, and when it comes to astrology, that universal truth is a double-edged sword. When a new astrological season begins, it's time to learn a whole new series of lessons and embrace opportunities that may not have been there before. When I say January 20, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, what I really mean is that astrology is full of peaks and valleys. The sun will enter Aquarius on Jan. 20, making this a week marked by change. Even though change sounds exciting, it can often feel uncomfortable at first, and for those born under Aries, Cancer, or Scorpio, this change might not be your favorite thing in the world.

As I said before, nothing lasts forever in astrology. Even if Aquarius season represents a time of intensity, strife, and unease for your birth chart, know that these challenges are merely preparing you for something beautiful down the line. When the sun forms a square to unpredictable and rebellious Uranus on Jan. 23, there could be unexpected shakeups that throw a wrench in your plans. However, these shakeups could reveal something powerful that you did not see before and inspire you in a major way. As Venus — planet of love — forms a square with aggressive, fighting Mars on Jan. 26, conflicts may ensue. Disagreements are never pleasant, but sometimes they're a necessary step toward figuring out a way to solve a problem or come to a conclusion.

Even the most difficult astrological transits have a silver lining. Try to see the positives that shine through these obstacles and there's no way your week will be the "worst."


Aries: You May Feel A Little Reclusive And Unsociable

You're in the midst of an introspective and introverted time. However, all this quiet is barely masking the noise bursting inside you. If your mind is running wild with worry and anxiety, do your best to find ways to ground yourself, clear your head, and focus on the facts. Just because you perceive something to be true certainly doesn't mean it is. There's a chance your feelings may drive you toward conflict this week, so try to be as objective about your situation as possible. If you can work through your thoughts, you may find it's not as it seems.

Cancer: You Could Feel A Weight On Your Shoulders

Endings and beginnings are surrounding you lately. It might even feel as though you're existing in the strange space that sits in between major chapters of your life. You're leaving one destination and heading to the next, but you may not exactly be so sure where you're going and that uncertainty could feel frightening. Give yourself some time to rest and recuperate, Cancer. You don't have to solve all the world's problems overnight. Let time do its job and be patient. Everything will start to make sense soon enough.

Scorpio: You Might Feel Sensitive And In Need Of Care

Sometimes, you just really need a warm cup of hot cocoa, a marathon of your favorite TV show, and a good snuggle. And you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, Scorpio. You may feel more emotional and sensitive than usual this week, so do your best to set firm boundaries with others and take care of yourself the way you need. It's a beautiful time to make improvements to your home and improve the energy of your sacred space. If you need to cancel your plans and take care of matters that are personal to you, astrology has officially given you its blessing.