Jamie Lynn Spears’ Instagram With Justin Timberlake looks like she casually throwing some shade.

Jamie Lynn Spears May Have Subtly Shaded Justin Timberlake In A Post About Her Sister’s Ex

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An adorable post of Jamie Lynn Spears when she was so little was posted by a pop culture Instagram account, but when it was reposted by Spears, there was something that was missing. Many are wondering now if Jamie Lynn Spears' Instagram with Justin Timberlake may have included some shade. TBH, it could be more innocent than it sounds, but it is slightly suspicious.

The photo, which was first posted by @noughtiez on Dec. 7, features the younger Spears, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Natalie Portman all hanging out and having a good time at a launch party for Britney's album, Britney. Dating back to 2001, it's a total #FlashbackFriday, especially when you see how little the Zoey 101 actor was. While the photo looks like nothing but a phenomenal time, there are some fans who noticed something pretty significant that was absent from Spears' post: Justin Timberlake's tag or any mention of him from Spears.

Spears did tag the original poster, her big sis, and Portman, but Timberlake was not included in the tags. Whether that's some subtle shade or not, it's raising some eyebrows. Britney and Timberlake famously dated for a few years back in the late '90s and early 2000s, but they didn't last. After some Hollywood drama, Timberlake wrote "Cry Me A River," and there's some suggestion that the family was not happy about the pair's personal relationship being so blatantly thrown around in a song for everyone to hear. Then Britney apparently clapped back in a gentler manner with her song "Everytime." The lyrics in that tune are way too coincidental not to be the singer's response to her ex, with lines such as "I may have made it rain / Please forgive me / My weakness caused you pain / And this song's my sorry."

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Whatever those feelings between the old couple are, Britney's little sister is potentially still remaining protective. Some fans are def taking the missing JT tag as a snub, and it would make sense since Spears' loyalty to her big sis may be coming into play. However, some commenters were just smitten with the photo, writing "Justney" with hearts, totally missing the fact that she may have snubbed JT.

Those with eagle-eyes caught the absence, with one fan asking, "Why don't u tag @justintimberlake?" and others dropping comments like, "You forgot to tag Justin" and "Mood: not tagging Justin." Others just wrote @justintimberlake to try to "at" him. Although Justney was quite a long time ago, there are those who would love to see the pair reunite.

TBH, it is more than possible that Spears' intent was nothing but indifference. Maybe she didn't want to remember that the pair dated, maybe she figured that Timberlake is way too busy being married to Jessica Biel, or maybe she still harbors a ~slight~ grievance against him because of the whole "Cry Me A River" ordeal. Whatever the case, most are just happy to see this delightful #FBF post because it brings some heavy nostalgia.