This Man Was The Flower Girl At His Friend's Wedding & Legit Threw Leaves Out Of A Fanny Pack

by Candice Jalili

My one and only chance to be a flower girl was at my older cousin's wedding, and I was freaking PUMPED to go throw some flowers around. Then, we got to the venue, and her husband-to-be's younger cousins were the ones who actually got to throw the flowers. Instead, my job was to hold her veil while she walked. My grandpa told me this was an even higher honor than throwing flowers, but deep down inside, I felt jipped. What I would give to be a flower girl now. Well, one hilarious guy got the chance I'm still waiting for. Jake Clark was the flower girl at a wedding, and he might have done a great enough job to achieve both our dreams of being a flower girl.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being a flower girl at a wedding (lucky) knows that there isn't usually a whole lot of room for creativity when it comes to the job. You get a basket. The basket is filled with flower petals. The type of flower is usually a rose. You take the basket filled with rose petals and walk down the aisle in front of the bride and throw the flower petals out of the basket, onto the aisle, and maybe (MAYBE) at the crowd if you're feeling a little sassy.

But Jake, from Dayton, Ohio, decided to get a little funky with his position when his friends Dan and Amanda let him be the "flower girl" at their wedding. You see, much like myself, Clark had always wanted to be a flower girl and had asked for the privilege at many of his other friends' weddings. Dan and Amanda were the first to actually let him do it. Throughout their two-year-long engagement, Clark assumed it was just a joke, but three weeks before the wedding, he realized this was really happening. It was GO TIME.

How did he take the role and make it his own, you ask?

Sarah Graybeal Photography

Well, for starters, he axed the whole basket thing. Instead of using a cute, little woven basket, like many flower girls before him, Clark decided to spice things up with one of this year's hottest fashion trends: fanny packs. Just a few hours before the ceremony, he was hit with a bolt of brilliance and decided to post on Facebook asking for some fanny packs. Between his friends and his girlfriend's grandma, he wound up collecting about six fanny packs. "Besides, I was able to get my hands on a unicorn fanny pack, so I knew I was set," he told Cosmo.

Sarah Graybeal Photography

But Clark had to be a little exclusive when it came to which fanny packs he used. He specially selected three fanny packs — two classically chic black leather fanny packs sandwiching a bright blue printed fanny pack with unicorns for a fun little pop of color.

I mean, check out the full outfit below:

Sarah Graybeal Photography

The next creative liberty he chose to take? As you can see above, Clark filled his fanny packs with crisp, fall leaves instead of the usual romantic flower petals. According to Cosmopolitan, the bridesmaids were actually the ones who originally thought of the idea, and the bride eventually gave it the OK.

But the best thing he brought to the table as the flower girl? His dance moves — hands down. I mean, even in the pictures, you can see that this dude is absolutely freaking GROOVING down the aisle.

Sarah Graybeal Photography

In fact, he joked to Cosmo that the training took "doing stretches, upping his cardio for endurance, and practicing his flower throwing abilities."

Well, guys, it looks like the bar for being a flower girl just officially got WAY higher.

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