Jacob Elordi Shut Down Those Zendaya Dating Rumors In A Very Clear Way

by Candice Jalili
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I'm sorry to any Euphoria fans out there hoping for more, but Jacob Elordi's response to those Zendaya dating rumors makes it clear that there's nothing romantic going on between the two. In a Nov. 30 interview with GQ, Jacob quickly put the rumors to rest one and for all with one simple sentence: “She’s like my sister.” It's like that line from pretty much every sitcom and romcom you ever watched growing up, right? The nerdy boy is in love with the girl and before he gets a chance to admit to how he feels, she shuts him down by saying he's just like a brother.

The only difference here is obviously that Zendaya isn't some nerdy high schooler who's hopelessly in love. She's a world-renowned actress and pop star and I'm going to go ahead and venture to guess that the friend-zone situation for this particular twosome was a mutual decision.

Jacob's relationship with Zendaya may be strictly platonic, but that doesn't mean he's afraid to gush about her a bit. “Zendaya is an amazing creative, you know? She’s super dope to work with," he told GQ. "She’s an incredible artist and a very caring person to all of us."

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To be fair, he also gushed about the entire cast. "We’re all really close," he said after his mushy AF Zendaya comments. "There is not one weak link in that show. We’ve spent so much time together and everyone is just so cool to work with. [Euphoria creator/showrunner] Sam Levinson is just a genius and working with him, it was just like electricity all the time. I was in awe. Like a kid in a candy shop.”

Rumors of a possible romance between Zendaya and Jacob first surfaced in August when they were reportedly spotted vacationing together in Greece. Since then, the couple continued to raise the hopes of fans after they were reportedly spotted "being a little flirty" during what appeared to be a movie date in October and, most recently, were apparently spotted in Australia together over Thanksgiving. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Zendaya and Jacob's reps for comment on these dating rumors and did not hear back.)

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Unfortunately, now that Jacob has up and said Zendaya is "like a sister," we're going to have to accept that there probably isn't anything romantic going on between the two. That being said, in a Sept. 12 interview with Us Weekly, their co-star Will Peltz admitted they'd def work as a couple. “I have no predictions, but they’d definitely be a cute couple, though, for sure!” Peltz said, adding that he thinks Zendaya is "like, the next Beyoncé."

So, maybe this will be a When Harry Met Sally situation where it just takes the two besties a while to realize they're in love with each other. Here's to hoping!