Ivanka Trump Made A Political Point At The SOTU Without Saying A Word


On Tuesday, Feb. 4, Ivanka Trump attended the 2020 State of the Union alongside her father, President Donald Trump, and several of her siblings. While all eyes were on the president during the final address of his four-year term, viewers couldn't help noticing POTUS' eldest daughter. Considering the first daughter's background in fashion, it's unsurprising that Ivanka Trump's State of the Union outfit was an eye-catching yet classic choice.

Viewers who regularly tune into the State of the Union address know Ivanka is a constant fixture at the event. With this year's speech falling one day before President Trump's anticipated acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, it wasn't too surprising his family was gathered to support him, especially Ivanka, who is an advisor to President Trump.

This year, Ivanka went for a more modern take on the little black dress she donned in 2019, although it appeared that the frock hue may have had a similar meaning. Some viewers thought last year's outfit had a subtle political message as it contrasted against the all-white dress code that many congresswomen wore last year to honor women's suffrage. For this year's look, Trump appeared to separate herself again from the Democratic congresswomen, many of whom again chose to wear all white. Instead, Trump opted for a black shift dress with metal grommet detailing on the sides and a red collar that seemed to hint at the signature hue of the Republican party. She paired the simple yet chic design with red heels for another pop of color. Unlike the old Hollywood-inspired curls that the first daughter rocked the year before, Trump styled her hair in a sleek and modern middle-parted lob.

It was a sharp contrast to Democratic congresswomen, many of whom again chose to wear "suffragette white" in solidarity at the event.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that the first daughter just found a black dress she liked. But Trump has also been known for taking on a public role in the White House, and even occasionally operating as a surrogate for her father. What's more, fashion has traditionally been used as a form of soft diplomacy by first ladies and other presidential surrogates. So, a style choice that both stands in opposition to her father's political opponents (particularly during the ongoing impeachment trial) and highlights the color traditionally associated with his political party, is worth noting.

While President Trump's 2020 speech was an important one with the timing of the presidential election less than a year away, the first daughter recently took on a lighter tone while sharing a memory with her dad from the Iowa Caucus four years prior.

"Memories from Iowa... post caucus snack with dad on Trump Force One!" she tweeted on Feb. 3, sharing a photo of her and her father digging into a meal of cheeseburgers and fries.

While Ivanka Trump didn't make any public remarks during the ceremony, it's clear from her bold fashion choice that she still managed to set herself apart from her opposing party without even having to open her mouth. Only time will tell whether she chooses to take a more vocal stance following the Senate vote in the president's impeachment trial — which is set for Wednesday, Feb. 5.