This 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Theory About Tina & Grindelwald Could Change Everything

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has promised, for the first time, to tie back directly to the Harry Potter series in a way the first film did not. The film's marketing already revealed Claudia Grey plays Nagini, back before she was a full-time snake to Voldemort. Scenes in Hogwarts reveal Dumbledore teaches Defense Against The Dark Arts, and a Young McGonagall is expected to make an appearance. But there are still more twists to fill in holes in the Potter canon lore. For instance, is Tina the Elder Wand's master?

The person who controls the Elder Wand has been a critical point during the original run of the Harry Potter series. Voldemort was obsessed with possessing the Deathly Hallows, much like Grindelwald was before him, though his desire was a means to an end in conquering the magical world, whereas Grindelwald's ambition was more about possessing the objects himself.

Now, as far as the Potter history books tell it, Grindelwald tracked down the Elder Wand to the current owner, Mykew Gregorovitch, back when he was a young man. Fans have taken this to mean, Grindelwald is the Elder Wand's master throughout this series, until Dumbledore defeats him in 1945, and takes possession of it.

But looking back on Grindelwald's capture in America at the end of the first movie, there's a small detail that might make a huge difference in this assumed plotline.

Check out the video above. Credence Barebone has just been taken down by the MACUSA's Aurors. Grindelwald, furious his plan has been thwarted turns and attacks, still in the guise of Percival Graves. He rushes at the MACUSA president and her minions, but before he can reach them, Newt releases his swooping evil creature, which lands on Grindelwald and restrains him.

Newt than casts a revealing spell on Graves, who melts away, leaving behind the real Grindelwald for all to see. This is the big CGI moment as audiences gasp to see actor Colin Farrell turn into Johnny Depp.

But just before he does, Tina flicks her wand and disarms him.

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Tina disarms Grindelwald, the master of the Elder Wand. To be fair, the wand she disarms him of is the one Graves was carrying, which was not the Elder Wand. But she disarms him nonetheless.

And as everyone knows from the twist at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when one wizard disarms another, they become the master of all their wands. This is why the Elder Wand answered to Harry and not Voldemort. Draco became the Elder Wand's master after disarming Dumbledore. When Harry then disarmed Draco of his regular hawthorn wand, he also became master of every wand Draco was master of, including the Elder Wand.

There are no throwaway moments in Rowling's stories. If Tina was shown disarming Graves, it was done for a reason. Rowling knows her fans are hardcore about wizarding lore. If Tina disarmed Grindelwald of one wand, she disarmed him of all. Grindelwald's not going to like this when the Elder Wand fails him in his hour of need.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald arrives in theaters on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.