This 'AHS: Apocalypse' Theory About Michael Will Make Your Head Spin


American Horror Story: Apocalypse is basically the reward that Ryan Murphy is giving to fans who have watched the horror franchise from Season 1, and the latest episode showed us what happened to that demonic baby Michael Langdon after his grandma Constance Langdon began raising him at the tail-end of Murder House. So far, this season has revolved around Michael Langdon having come into his own as the antichrist, but as all AHS fans know, there is always a twist coming. And a new theory is proposing a massive one: Is Timothy the real antichrist on AHS: Apocalypse? That's right — some fans think Michael being the antichrist could be a huge fake-out, and that the mysterious new guy may secretly be a whole lot more powerful than anyone realizes!

Spoiler alert: This post will include details from the first four episodes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Throughout this new season of AHS, we have all been operating under the assumption that Michael Langdon is the antichrist, but what would happen if that turned out to be false? Reddit user Majian18 is making the case that the antichrist is indeed in the new season, but he is not who we think. According to the theory, Michael is actually the son of a spirit (Tate Langdon) and a witch (arguing that Vivien Harmon had latent powers she was unaware of), and that unprecedented combination is what makes him so much more powerful than other warlocks. But it does not make him the antichrist.

Instead, fans should be taking a closer look at the seemingly harmless Timothy Campbell. Although he appears to be dead now, Timothy was clearly set up as too important of a character to not come back — at the beginning of the season, various characters tell him that he possesses very rare and valuable DNA. Even more alarming, when Timothy first arrives at Outpost 3, he hears whispers of ghosts and a "666" appears in the mirror he looks into.


The Reddit theory also points out Michael's name. In Christian theology, Michael was an Archangel that cast Satan down to earth from heaven. Similarly, Michael's mysterious Cooperative made sure that Timothy would make it to Outpost 3. In fact, the only two people that we know were taken to the outpost without a choice are Timothy and Emily, who also apparently has this special DNA. According to this theory, Emily also has the potential to be the true antichrist, but the "666" in the mirror made it seem more likely that Timothy will assume the role.

Obviously, this would be a monumental twist if it proved to be true. The theorist predicts that Michael Langdon may actually die pretty soon (most likely at the hands of Mallory), but then the witches will face their real challenge when Timothy is revived and finally realizes his true identity as the real antichrist.

So, could this actually happen or is it too much of a reach? We will have to keep watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on FX to find out.