Is 'The Kissing Booth's Taylor Zakhar Perez Single? Here's The Scoop

Donato Sardella/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Between Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney, Netflix's The Kissing Booth offers plenty of eye-candy, but IMO, TKB2's newest addition will make you forget all about those cute Flynn brothers. In the sequel, relative newcomer Taylor Zakhar Perez plays the new kid in school, Marco Pena, who's quick to catch Elle Evan's eye. What ensues is the requisite Teen Movie Love Triangle™ between Marco, Elle, and the older of the two Flynn brothers, Noah, and things get real messy. IRL, the actor's relationship status isn't nearly as complicated, because apparently, Taylor Zakhar Perez is single. Go ahead and shoot your shot, friends.

When asked whether he was seeing anyone during a July 2020 interview with Glamour, Zakhar Perez didn't play it coy. "I'm not dating anyone," he confirmed, and I stan an honest man. The actor also got candid about what he looks for in a potential partner. "I love adventurous people, someone that says yes all the time," he said. "I paddle board and hike and surf, so I feel like my friends are my type. I'm a huge proponent of dating friends or people you've had heart-to-hearts with before you become intimate. Emotional intimacy is way more important to me than sexual intimacy." As Paris Hilton would say, that's hot.

For Zakhar Perez, day dates are preferable to date nights, and his ideal involves walking on the beach or learning something new together. "You can't really vibe with someone from a cup of coffee," the actor explained to Glamour. "That should be reserved for business. You get to see their personality in different situations from an activity." In addition to being adventurous, anyone he dates should be self-aware. "I think self-awareness is big," he added. "And not filtering your thoughts to make me feel better. Respect. Also, a willingness to get out of your comfort zone, or at least just have a conversation about it. I'll try anything twice."

If you're #TeamMarco, I have good news for you: Yes, Zakhar Perez is open to the idea of dating a fan... maybe. "I don't want to say no, because you never know," he said, when asked by Glamour. He even joked he was a "fan" of his co-star Joey King and "wish[es] that she would date [him]." Considering King previously dated Elordi, that def seems like a possibility. (Though sadly, it seems King is currently taken by producer Steven Piet. Sorry, Taylor.)

Before starring in The Kissing Booth 2, Zakhar Perez made cameos in iCarly, Young & Hungry, and Scandal, and he also appeared in the TV series Embeds alongside Demi Lovato's now-fiancé Max Ehrich. Here's hoping fans will see a lot more of Zakhar Perez in the future, and TBH, if he and King end up together, I fully support it.