Taylor Nolan Explained Why She's Trying Out "Poly-Type Relationships"

by Candice Jalili
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During a guest appearance on the episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! featuring Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, Taylor Nolan revealed she's experimenting with polyamory. "It's been a really interesting last kind of two and a half-ish years of experimenting, of exploring kind of what kind of a relationship I want to be in," she told Chris Harrison, per People. "I've definitely kind of experimented more with poly-type relationships."

Polyamory refers to the practice of having intimate relationships with more than one partner, which is a change of pace for someone like Nolan who was once a cast member on a reality TV franchise best known for promoting the idea of a monogamous engagement as the ultimate happily-ever-after. Nolan is the first Bachelor Nation alum to openly speak about embracing polyamory.

"Love doesn't have to present itself in this fairy tale, heterosexual, non-monogamous dynamic," Nolan explained, per People. "Like, it can look many different ways... If you're hot, you're hot."

"Trans people are hot, non-binary people are hot, men are hot, women are hot," she continued, per People. "Like, it's a full spectrum of attractiveness."

After her interview, she shared her thoughts on the experience on Instagram.

"I took this photo a few minutes after my @bachelorabc interview," she began in the lengthy caption. "I shook out all my nerves, the anxiety diarrhea had passed, and I actually felt happy!!! Idk if it was being at home, or what, but for once I felt I stood my ground and showed up authentically in a space where I was small, shrunk myself, filtered myself, was triggered and didn’t feel safe. I was actually smiling, I know it’s a rare sighting of me on this show, but it only happened cause I was really really really committed to being the whole of who I am today. To be honest, speak my truth, and to take the risk of being vulnerable.⁣"

Later in the caption she expanded upon her journey finding love, however it may look:

It’s 4 yrs later and while I’m certainly stronger and more comfortable in my being now than I was then...I’m still always learning. Learning and figuring out what it is to be in and create a relationship that is monogamous or consensually non-monogamous or monogamish. Learning to be embracing and accepting of experiencing sexual attraction to people when I think they’re hot, and not just limiting attraction based on gender (but yes I do still love me a good beard lol). Learning to be a constant student of life, where I’ll be wrong and I’ll be right and I’ll struggle and I’ll grow....cause that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?⁣
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Here's to hoping Nolan's bravery and vulnerability inspire others to lead their lives in the same way.