Saoirse Ronan Is Reportedly Dating This Scottish Actor

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Since her breakout role in Atonement, four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan has proven her acting chops are hard to beat. Fans of the 25-year-old actress have even referred to her as the next Meryl Streep. Needless to say, with that much success, it's normal to wonder how the young actress spends her downtime, and with whom. So, who is Saoirse Ronan dating? Well, considering her private nature, she's done a solid job of keeping the juicy details of her personal life under lock and key, but it seems she hasn't let her fame keep her from having a little romance in her life.

Ronan was linked to Irish singer Hozier for a hot minute after starring in the music video for his song "Cherry Wine" in 2016. Dating rumors began to swirl after the duo was spotted at several music festivals and premieres together in 2017. Neither one of them ever confirmed whether they were actually dating, and eventually, the rumors petered out. Elite Daily reached out to Hozier and Ronan's teams for confirmation of their reported relationship, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

In December 2018, rumors began to circulate about Ronan and her Mary Queen of Scots co-star Jack Lowden. There's no telling when things between Ronan and Lowden actually took a romantic turn, but it seems like the Dunkirk actor was excited about Ronan from the start of their working relationship. During a promotional interview for Dunkirk in July 2017, Lowden gushed about how excited he was to work with Ronan on Mary Queen of Scots. “She’s lovely... I can’t wait for that, it’s going to be fun," he said. Fast forward to the end of the project, and as Lowden predicted, it seemed like the pair did, in fact, have fun.

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According to Page Six, Ronan and Lowden attended the New York premiere of their film together in December 2018, and reportedly enjoyed each other's company for most of the night. “We don’t know when they got together, we only found out on Tuesday night when they rolled up together — but they seem very happy and sweet,” a source reportedly told the site. In February 2019, Lowden tried to avoid discussing anything having to do with Ronan. "Oh, I’m not going to talk about that," Lowden reportedly told Evening Standard. "I don’t like talking about that side of life." Nearly a year later, during an interview with The Daily Telegraph published in December 2019, Ronan said, "Noooo. Just no," when asked if she was dating Lowden.

Despite both stars' attempts to put the dating rumors to rest, on Jan. 11, 2020, The Daily Mail published an adorable photo of Ronan and Lowden walking hand-in-hand in West London.

Elite Daily reached out to Ronan and Lowden's team for comment but did not hear back in time for publication. For now, we'll just have to wait and see if the pair are ever planning on making their relationship public, or if keeping it under wraps indefinitely is their long-term plan. Nevertheless, they definitely make one cute maybe-couple!