'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Fans Are All Asking 1 Big Question About Ronnie


The drama never ends on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and now that the reunion series is back, the preeminent source of all the show's major drama, Ronnie, just delivered another shocking revelation. While most of July 18's double episodes of Family Vacation centered on the aftermath of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's prison sentencing, Ronnie still managed to steal the show in the end by revealing that he may be having a second baby. So, is Ronnie having another baby or not? Let's break down everything we know.

In the second new episode to premiere on Thursday night, JWoww brought the whole Family Vacation cast to a dude ranch in upstate New York. The trip was meant to be a relaxing getaway for Mike after he got sentenced to eight months in prison, but naturally, the guidos and guidettes just couldn't avoid getting into some drama. This time, the catalyst for the tension among the group was Ronnie telling his housemates that his girlfriend Jen Harley may be pregnant with his second child. Since the couple has a famously up-and-down relationship, it was no surprise everyone had a started to panic upon hearing the news.

Ronnie told everyone that Jen had missed her period and it was a long enough time where it felt like she may be pregnant again. He added that although Jen wanted to take a pregnancy test, she was waiting for Ronnie to return from the dude ranch so he could be present for it. The cast was worried for Ronnie, regardless of the fact that he claimed him and Jen were in a good place. The pregnancy was a big question mark for the gang while they were on the trip, however fans at home can assume that since this dude ranch trip was filmed roughly nine months ago, in October 2018, and neither Jen or Ronnie have announced a pregnancy, that she will not end up having a baby.

As of recent news, Ronnie and Jen do seem to be on much better terms, though. Jen even posted about what an amazing father Ronnie has been to their daughter Ariana Sky on Father's Day last month. And with an adorable photo to boot.

Ronnie and Jen's daughter Ariana Sky Magro was born in April of 2018, during the height of the very public relationship drama between the couple. The chaotic on-again-off-again fights between Ronnie and Jen were heavily chronicled in the previous season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but the new run of episodes seem to indicate that the two have settled into a much more peaceful and loving relationship. Then again, Ronnie's castmates have secretly questioned whether some new bruises on his face could possibly be from Jen and not a stranger who jumped him, as he had claimed.

Since the new run of episodes has only just gotten started, and the focus has been on Mike so far, fans can expect to learn more about where Ronnie and Jen really stand now as this season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues.