Here Are Peter's Reported Dating Plans Following His Split From Kelley

by Candice Jalili

I know it's, like, too soon for me to already be needing to know this but I need to know if Peter Weber is dating after his Kelley Flanagan split. Considering his history of moving on extremely quickly, I would have guessed he's already texting Madison Prewett or another contestant from his season of The Bachelor, but Weber is reportedly not trying to date right now.

According to a source who reportedly spoke to Us Weekly on Jan. 18, Weber is apparently more focused on "settling in" to his new place in New York City. “Peter isn’t thinking about dating right now. He’s focused on adjusting to the city life. He’s also taking this time to meet up with friends he hasn’t seen in a long time," the source reportedly explained, also reportedly noting that Weber is “loving New York City.”

Weber seemed to announce that he'd finally made the move on Jan. 18 when he posted a photo of himself smiling on a balcony overlooking a classic New York City view alongside the caption:

Grateful @summitnyc #LiveAboveItAll

Summit NYC was also tagged as his location in the post so, naturally, I had to look into what it was. It's a luxury building in Midtown Manhattan — which makes me wonder if he got a sweet discount on rent in exchange for some #sponcon for the building.

I mean, don't you agree that it seems sort of unsafe to tag the literal location of your home on Instagram when you have almost two million followers? But if there was a rent discount involved, I could see why he would do it. NYC rent is expensive!

But anyway, I digress.

Weber announced his split from Flanagan on Dec. 31. "Love is a funny thing," he wrote alongside a picture of himself and Flanagan gazing at the sun on a hike. "It can make you you feel on top of the world and it can make you feel a pain you wish didn’t exist. I’m here to share that Kelley and I have decided to go our separate ways. While our relationship was filled with countless beautiful memories, our relationship simply didn’t work out in the end. Kelley is someone I will always have a special love for. Someone I have learned more from than she will ever understand. Someone I am so thankful came into my life and someone who I will always wish all of life’s greatest blessings on. These moments in life always hurt, but in my opinion that shows you it was worth the time you spent together. Thank you Kelley."

Flanagan came out with an Instagram announcement of her own on Jan. 3. "I know a lot of you have already heard the news, but I wanted to take some time to process it for myself before sharing...It saddens me to say this but Peter and I have decided to go our separate ways," she wrote alongside a model shot of herself and her ex. "Peter and I had some unbelievable times together and they will definitely be missed. Unfortunately him and I are in two different stages of our lives and saw our future paths differently. I wish Peter the absolute best and want to thank everyone for your continued support as I move on to my next chapter. I’m still hoping to make it to New York one of these days, but for now I just want to focus on my happiness! 2021, I can’t wait to see what you have in store!"

Here's to hoping Flanagan will be able to finagle a spon-con deal of her own when she makes the move.