Mario From 'Rent: Live's Relationship Status Will Make You 525,600 Percent Happy

by Jamie LeeLo
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Do you guys hear that? It's 2004, sultry R&B, delicate melodies, and white tank tops calling. It sounds like singer Mario. You guys might recall Mario's hits bumping in your bathroom while you rolled on body glitter from Bath & Body Works before your school dance. Maybe it was what you asked your mom to play in the minivan while she dropped you and your friends off at the mall. Maybe you're like me and he's still on your "cool down" playlist at the gym. Regardless, fans are still wondering — Is Mario single? I'm proud to tell you yes. I think he is.

I know. It's hard to imagine how after all of this time the man is still on the market. Now that's it's been announced he's going to be playing Benny in RENT Live, he is back on my radar like whoa. Of course, he's been chilling on the cast of Empire, too, but RENT, you guys? RENT?! It's like my glory years all over again. I've never been happier than the days spent wearing that body glitter listening to Mario and counting 525,600 minutes in love. Truly.

OK, OK, OK. So what about his love life?

Well, I did some digging, and here is what I came up with. In October of 2018, Mario did an interview with Essence where he specifically touched on his dating life. During that convo, he talked about how he is seeing multiple women at any given time but that none of them are really considered "intimate." Still, if he goes on a date, he tries to make it worthwhile. "I don’t have a lot of time to spend so when I do go on dates I try to get a lot in on one date," he said.

As a pescatarian, Mario explained one way he likes to impress his dates is in the kitchen. Recently, he cooked for someone. "Being a pescatarian — more so on the vegetarian side — but being a pescatarian you have to find ways to be creative with cooking," he explained. Even though he might be pouring his heart out in the kitchen, it sounds like Mario is far from a committed relationship. He also admitted he doesn't have a type.

Mario said, "I don’t even know what my type is because I’ve dated so many types of women," adding, "Some are just friends, we’ve never done anything intimately — but one keeps me wild, one I’m connected to on a soul level, and one is like in the middle of both of those. I’m finding myself."


In fact, Mario explained that different kinds of people are showing him different ways to love. He put it, "It’s really about finding ways to express love in different ways. There’s not one person in my life right now that I’m like, ‘Oh I love this person.'"

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Honestly, I get that. Been there and done that.

Single people of the world, you can catch Mario as Benny in RENT Live on FOX, Sunday, Jan. 27. 525,600 Marios.