The cast of 'American Horror Story: Coven'

Fans Are Convinced This 'American Horror Story' Actor Will Be In '1984'


It is incredibly evident that the current season of American Horror Story is a major departure for the long-running series. AHS: 1984 marks the first time a season has not starred a single actor from the show's original cast, shining a light on some fresh faces in the franchise instead of perennial favorites. But fans think that might change in a couple of episodes. A new rumor bubbling up has fans wondering: is Lily Rabe in AHS: 1984? She could be the first original AHS actor to pop up in this season.

Even before AHS: 1984 began airing, diehard fans of the horror series lamented that the new season would be the first to not feature mainstay Evan Peters, and it would also be the first time since Season 1 that Sarah Paulson will not be a main character. The major shake-up was made even more evident when the full 1984 cast was announced, and it was revealed the group heavily features actors who are newcomers to the franchise, alongside a handful of much more recent AHS vets.

The only 1984 stars who have appeared in past seasons are Emma Roberts (Coven, Freak Show, Cult, and Apocalypse), John Carroll Lynch (Freak Show, Hotel, and Cult), Billie Lourd (Cult and Apocalypse), Leslie Grossman (Cult and Apocalypse), and Cody Fern (Apocalypse). But eagle-eyed fans think this could soon change.

The new theory floating around the fandom is that Rabe will appear in Episode 7 of AHS: 1984, which is titled "The Lady in White." Some social media-savvy fans noticed Rabe had begun following some 1984 cast members when Episode 7 began filming, and most tellingly, the IMDb page for the episode apparently had listed a "stunt double for Lily Rabe" among its cast. Now, that stunt double, Alina Andrei, is currently only listed as "stunt double" rather than "stunt double for Lily Rabe" like before, but fans are still hopeful.

As you can pretty easily tell from all this information, Rabe's potential involvement in AHS: 1984 is still very much unconfirmed. IMDb is a historically unreliable tool when it comes to TV episodes that have not yet aired, and social media following activity obviously does not prove an actor has been cast in a project.

But still, there does seem to be a somewhat promising case for Rabe possibly showing up in Episode 7. After all, the upcoming episode is called "The Lady in White," which is likely a reference to the 1988 horror movie of the same name and seems to suggest a new actor will be brought in to play this lady in white. The 1988 movie is a ghost story about a boy who witnesses the murder of a young girl, and comes to discover that the ghosts of both the girl and her mother reenact their deaths each night. If the new episode is a reference to this film, then the character Rabe could play in the new season may be a ghost.

It is still too early to know for sure if Rabe will appear in this season or not, so keep tuning in to AHS: 1984 on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX to see if what surprises are in store.