Jellybean Jones

This 'Riverdale' Reddit Theory About Jellybean Has Me Rethinking Everything

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The mystery of the ominous videotapes has loomed over the Riverdale teens for an entire season, and they're still on the hunt to figure out who is sending them. There are a bunch of theories out there about who could be behind them, but with no solid answer in sight, some fans are thinking a more obscure character is behind this mystery. So, is Jellybean behind the tapes on Riverdale? Here's why some viewers think she could be the culprit.

Warning: Spoilers for Riverdale Season 4 follow. Before Jellybean came into the light as the potential mastermind behind the tapes, a few other characters also seemed like potential suspects. First, there was Mr. Honey, the new buzzkill high school principal who, toward the end of Season 4, seemed like he could potentially be a dangerous guy. Chic and Charles were also suspects, as some Reddit users suspected they were working together. Evelyn Evernever could also be behind the tapes, using them as a ploy to exact revenge on the town of Riverdale after everything that went down with The Farm. There's also Donna and the Stonies, who have used videotapes to blackmail Quill and Skill members in the past, making them ones to watch also.

Now, a new theory circulating Reddit proposes it might be Jellybean Jones (Trinity Likins), the younger sister of Jughead Jones, who is behind the big mystery. "She got 0 airtime and everyone ignored her the entire season. Am I the only one convinced that she’s the S5 villain?" Reddit user xmasonx75 posted. Another user went on to point out that the few scenes that did include Jellybean were typically followed by someone finding another video tape.

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Jellybean's exact motives for being sending creepy and, later, graphic tapes is a bit unclear. One Reddit user pointed out she could be feeling hurt by her current family dynamics. "Her father was the king of the Serpents, her mother a drug baron, Jughead is always solving mysteries with Betty & his friends, so ... she might be feeling left out and rebellious," Marian_91 suggested. Another user pointed out that she was left out of many things, like the Thanksgiving episode, and her father didn't end up going to visit her despite saying he would several times.

Another fact that backs up the idea of JB being behind the tapes is that fans know she's good with technology and special effects makeup. As Reddit user Aminaa156 described, "In 4x04 JB pulled a prank on Betty. She had special effects makeup on. I think she is doing special effects makeup on the actors in the video tapes."

Jellybean is just the latest suspect on the growing list of potential villains behind the tapes, so the situation is still really a mess. Hopefully the rest of Season 4 will provide some sort of information so everyone can finally understand what the heck has been going on, and — more importantly — why.