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Is "I Did Something Bad" About Kanye West? Taylor Swift's New Song Is So Shady


Holy Taylor Swift Day, Batman! Reputation is finally here and the internet has itself totally freaked out, breaking down each lyric, analyzing each music note, and dissecting each song title. Trust me, we are going to wring out this album out for all it's worth. Notably, Taylor Swift's lyrics and messages in each song have all been kicked up a notch from her last album, 1989, and in particular fans are wondering if "I Did Something Bad" is about Kanye West. Why? OH, YOU KNOW WHY.

Here are the lyrics:

Please, don't be stupid. Of COURSE it's about Kanye West. Probably Kim Kardashian, too.

Obviously, you guys remember the massive scandal surrounding Kanye West's song "Famous" in which he famously sings the lyrics, "I made that b*tch famous," in reference to Taylor Swift.

Taylor, was obviously outraged by the song, prompting Kim Kardashian to release footage of Swift and her husband West discussing the song on the phone. While they did talk over the lyric, "I think Taylor and I might still have sex," they did NOT mention the b*tch lyric. Kim said Swift was "playing the victim."

ANNND cue THIS message from Taylor,

And now we have "I Did Something Bad" and yes... 100 percent... as a Taylor expert I can confidently say it's gotta be about the feud.

The next time you're feeling like you want to kick some butt, I recommend blasting it on high volume and channeling your inner snake.

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