Fans Are Freaking Out Over Reports That 'Grey's Anatomy' Might Be Leaving Netflix

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

If you're ever craving a solution to a preposterous medical case or a peek into a steamy doctor hookup, there are currently 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix to entertain your whimsy. Whether you need the lovestruck MerDer in their early days, Cristina Yang's fiercest advice, or a reunion with long-deceased characters, practically the entire show is accessible through a short series of clicks. It's dangerous to come between hardcore fans and their Netflix accounts, but Grey's Anatomy fans have found reason to believe that the medical drama might disappear from the streaming service soon. Is Grey's Anatomy leaving Netflix? There's a slight possibility of its exit, but there are also valid reasons on why the show is likely sticking around.

Keep calm, because Netflix has yet to officially announce anything about the fate of Grey's Anatomy on the platform. However, a Deadline report about Netflix now having more original content suggested that the series would leave ahead of Disney's launch of a new streaming service. The report claims that as a Disney-owned property on ABC, Grey's Anatomy will soon leave Netflix and find a new home on Disney+, which is slated to launch in late 2019.

This is still all speculation, but the possibility of the show leaving stirred fans' concerns on a Grey's Anatomy Reddit thread. User bigdeallikewhoaNOT called this "the end of an era," while RedFreckledLeaves said that having access to Grey's Anatomy was the only reason he or she paid for Netflix. As seen when Friends was set to leave Netflix in early 2019, people have no qualms about rioting if their favorite TV shows are at risk. Fans' protests about the sitcom's departure date ultimately encouraged Netflix to extend its streaming deal on Friends until 2020.

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But given Disney+'s ambitious plans to basically take over streaming as we know it, there isn't much stopping the company if Grey's Anatomy is destined for its own service. However, according to the site What's On Netflix, Grey's Anatomy is considered a "lengthy contract" show on Netflix. Series falling under this branch rarely leave the platform. Plus, while Disney's new subscription service is geared toward families, the company's more adult content will reportedly remain on ABC and Freeform and will likely be available for streaming on Hulu.

Once Disney+ gets off the ground, the streaming fate of Grey's Anatomy will hopefully become clearer, but for now, we can assume the show is safe and secure over at Netflix. Remember, creator Shonda Rhimes now has a deal with Netflix. While that agreement hasn't previously affected her ABC shows, it now may mean that Shondaland content always has a place at Netflix.

Of course, these facts may change in a matter or months. But for now, it looks like we can celebrate with another Netflix marathon of old Grey's Anatomy episodes. To paraphrase Cristina, we might be the sun, but Netflix might as well be our moon.

Here's to Grey's Anatomy still holding a place in our Netflix queues. Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy continues on Thursday, March 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.