We Know What Happened To Ghost During The Battle Of Winterfell, Don't Worry

by Dylan Kickham

The Battle of Winterfell may finally be behind us, but Game of Thrones fans are still concerned about whether certain characters managed to survive the Night King's army or not. We saw a lot of beloved characters die on-screen in the epic battle, but the episode did not give us an opportunity to check in with some of the fan-favorite pets that were at death's door when the White Walkers attacked. So, for all those wondering is Ghost still alive on Game of Thrones, and also what about Daenerys' dragons — here is what you need to know.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8, "The Long Night." Humans, wights, and White Walkers were not the only beings going all-out in Sunday night's epic Battle of Winterfell. Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost charged into battle alongside the rest of Winterfell's army at the very start of the massive brawl, and of course, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow rode Dany's two remaining dragons above the fight to help with some major firepower. But the fate of these beloved creatures remained unclear at the end of the battle. Dany's dragons became overrun by wights and flew off, and we did not get to see Ghost at all for the bulk of the battle.

But do not get too worried, Game of Thrones animal lovers, because the promo teaser for next week's new episode reveals that Ghost and both of Dany's dragons are still alive and helping out the North. The short Season 8 Episode 4 trailer that premiered after the latest episode reveals that now that the Night King has been defeated, Dany, Jon, Arya, Sansa, Jaime, and all the rest of the characters will be bringing the fight down south to Cersei Lannister. And a quick shot of the group from the next new episode also features Ghost, confirming that he did indeed survive the Battle of Winterfell. You can see a glimpse of Ghost just behind Daenerys and Samwell, next to Varys, in the shot below:


The new episode teaser also confirms that both of Daenerys' dragons are still around and fighting alongside her. One of the dragons flies over a ship, and then we see Sansa looking out over Winterfell at the two dragons flying nearby.


Although this 30-second teaser is all of the information that we have about next Sunday's mysterious episode, it is hard to imagine that the upcoming battle against Cersei could be more arduous and devastating than the cataclysmic fight against the Night King's horde of ceaseless undead soldiers. Before the final season of Game of Thrones began, most fans were assuming that the fight against the Night King would likely serve as the series finale, but surprisingly, that has already happened now with three full episodes still left to conclude the series.

It is anyone's guess what twists will happen in the three remaining episodes of Game of Thrones' final season, but we do know that the fight is indeed coming to Cersei next week.