4 Reasons To Hook Up With The Cutie On Your Floor, Because Dormcest Is NBD


One of the things that happens when you go to college away from home is that you can often bond with other people in your dorm. They're the ones you see everyday, sit with at floor meetings, and can easily hang out with from a simple knock on their door. Hooking up with the people who live in your dorm is nicknamed "dormcest" for its "incestous" relationship with family-like members in college. So, is dormcest a good idea?

"These are the people you’ve known since day one of college, when your parents dropped you off and likely introduced themselves to everyone on your floor," Dating coach and author of Breaking Up & Bouncing Back Samantha Burns tells Elite Daily. "They’re the ones you walk by in the hall after you’ve just gone to the bathroom, there’s a level of comfort and shared space that you don’t have with the rest of your college cohort."

So it only seems fitting that when looking for a hookup, you may as well not look any further than your own hall. After a late night of studying and you want to let off some steam, or you're in the mood for a quick cuddle sesh, it's super easy to hit up one of your floor mates. Here's why it's actually kind of a genius idea.

It's convenient.

This is pretty straightforward: You want an easy hookup that you don't have to put much effort into. You could literally text them and have them over in your room in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Much easier than searching on an app, waiting for a match, engaging in conversation, and finally meeting up.

You feel comfortable around them.

As Burns mentions above, it's only natural to feel a closeness with the other people who live in your dorm. This bond could make your hookups feel that much more comfortable for you, as opposed to feeling as if you're embarking into new territory with someone you don't know quite as well.

There isn't really a "walk of shame."

OK, yes, the "walk of shame" is a demeaning and outdated way to literally shame women for their sexual experiences, but if you're nervous about how people will perceive you walking home in last night's clothes across campus, that may be an additional reason to look for a hookup who lives in your dorm. This way, you don't have to worry about seeing people you know in yesterday's outfit, since you can slip back into your own room right away.

You can sleep in your own bed.

Some people like sleeping over in their hookup's room, but sharing those dorm twin beds can be... a challenge. If you hook up with someone in your dorm, you avoid the terrible night of sleep tossing and turning in someone else's small bed without the hassle of walking home too late. You can go back to your own comfy little mattress, and have the bed all to yourself.

So if you're into it, and they're into it, go for some dormcest and see if it works out for you.

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