Taylor Swift Fans Have A Theory That This 'Reputation' Song Is A Jab At Kanye West

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's Reputation tracklist dropped on Nov. 7, and her fans have been developing their own theories about the titles of the songs and what the order of them could mean. Although the main theory fans seem to be talking about is that Reputation is divided into two parts, there is another theory floating around that one of the songs takes a jab at Kanye West, and it's not "Look What You Made Me Do." Is "Don't Blame Me" about Kanye West? According to some fans, it could be.

You see, West has a song called "Blame Game" on his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album was the first West released following his hiatus he went into after the whole VMAs "Imma let you finish" drama with Swift in 2009. In the song, he sings about all of the people he's hurt in the past, and people think Swift is one of the people the song is about. When it comes to Reputation, fans think "End Game" featuring Ed Sheeran and Future is going to be a savage track similar to "Blank Space," where Swift will shut down all of the gossip about her. "Don't Blame Me" comes just two songs after "End Game," and fans think it might have something to do with Kanye West given the similarities in song titles.

Swift released the full Reputation tracklist on Nov. 7, and fans immediately freaked out.

The song titles and order are: "...Ready For It?" "End Game," "I Did Something Bad," "Don't Blame Me," "Delicate," "Look What You Made Me Do," "So It Goes...," "Gorgeous," "Getaway Car," "King Of My Heart," "Dancing With Our Hands Tied," "Dress," "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things," "Call It What You Want," and "New Year's Day."

Lots of people aren't too excited to see that Swift has a song called "Don't Blame Me" on the album, seeing as they feel she has a history of playing the victim in public spats. (I mean... if the shoe fits...)

The fact that "Don't Blame Me" comes right after "I Did Something Bad" is telling. Whether or not "Don't Blame Me" is referencing Kanye West is a theory we'll have to wait to prove.

Some fans think "Don't Blame Me" is about Calvin Harris, Swift's ex.

Whatever or whomever "Don't Blame Me" is about, it's sure to cause a stir once Reputation drops on Friday, Nov. 10, at midnight.

Kanye West's "Blame Game" lyrics don't flat-out name Taylor Swift or their 2009 beef, but the whole song is pretty much West calling himself an a**hole. The "Blame Game" lyrics go:

Who's fault. Let's play the blame game, I love you, more. Let's play the blame game for sure. Let's call out names, names, I hate you, more. Let's call out names, names, for sure.
I'll call you bitch for sure. As a last resort, and my first resort. You call me motherfucker for long. At the end of it you know we both were wrong. But I love to play the blame game, I love you more. Let's play the blame game for sure. Let's call out names, names, I hate you, more. Let's call out names, names, for sure.
On a bathroom wall I wrote "I'd rather argue with you than to be with someone else" (else, else, else). I took a piss and dismiss it like fuck it and went and found somebody else. Fuck arguing harvesting the feelings, I'd rather be by my fucking self. Till about 2 A.M. and I call back and I hang up and start to blame myself. Somebody help.

So, what do you think? Will "Don't Blame Me" be about Kanye West, Calvin Harris, or none of the above?