Dinah Jane Just Broke Her Silence On Whether She's The Lion On 'Masked Singer' – EXCLUSIVE

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you still watching The Masked Singer on FOX? Because I sure as hell am! With every passing episode, I'm continuously blown away by the celebs who are emerging from behind the masks. So far, four celebrities have been revealed. The Hippo was Antonio Brown, The Deer was Terry Bradshaw, The Poodle was Margaret Cho, and The Pineapple was Tommy Chong. But everyone is still itching to know who is behind front-runners' masks — especially The Lion. So, who is The Lion? Actually, let's get more specific: Is Dinah Jane The Lion on The Masked Singer? I hopped on the phone with the rumored masked singer to grill her on the speculation, and you'll definitely want to know her interesting answer.

But first, it should be said that fans have plenty of theories about who is behind that lion costume, with celeb picks ranging from Rumer Willis, Carrie Underwood, and Paris Jackson, to, of course, former Fifth Harmony member, Dinah Jane.

Well, one of those possibilities has already been eliminated. Willis told People that she is not The Lion. But her not being a lioness hasn't stopped her from getting into the hype of the show. "All of a sudden when it started airing, I started getting all of these things in my Twitter feed," Willis said about the fervent fan theories about her involvement with the show. "I said, 'Oh, okay. Well, maybe I have to watch this and see what’s happening.' It’s pretty cool."

I'm just going to conclude right here and now that there's no chance in hell The Lion is Carrie Underwood considering she literally just gave birth to an actual human and would have been filming this show at, like, seven months pregnant.

My money is on Dinah Jane, who fans have been buzzing about being The Lion on Twitter ever since The Masked Singer dropped this preview of The Lion singing "California Dreamin'" ahead of the premiere on Jan. 2.

Here's what Twitter's been saying:

Can you blame Twitter for thinking the Lion is Dinah? I mean, let's go through all the hints the show teased about The Lion:

  • She's 5'6." According to Google, Dinah Jane is 5'8", but maybe she was in heels when Google measured her using its algorithm mumbo jumbo?
  • Some might say she's "Hollywood royalty." Fifth Harmony are certainly girl group royalty. No arguing with that.
  • She's "stepping away from [her] pride" to sing her heart out. Well, Fifth Harmony did just split up to work on solo projects, so that's a perfect fit if you ask me.
  • That "pride" she mentioned includes lots of women. OK, she's obviously talking about FIFTH HARMONY!

Not to mention, Robin Thicke is totally catching Dinah vibes, too:

But what does Dinah Jane have to say about all the theories? Well, when speaking with Dinah Jane about her work with Sofar Sounds and Xfinity on the "Future of Awesome Tour," I managed to get her to open up about the possibility of being The Lion. Let's just say, she didn't shut the possibility down.

"I've seen that everywhere on social media," she says, at least confirming that she knows fans think she's The Lion. "Everyone is tagging me in that like, 'OMG, Dinah's The Lion.'"

Here's where things get interesting.

"I don't blame them," Dinah Jane continues. "The lion is my alter ego so maybe that's why they think I'm The Lion. But I will get back to you on that. I will probably work on the show. We'll see what happens. I'm also curious who the Lion is."

Innnnnteresting... Did you see a denial there? Because I sure didn't!

Look, my ear is good AF and I know a Fifth Harmony singer when I hear one. So, when it's revealed that Dinah Jane is, in fact, The Lion, I want it to be written in the books that I called that ish on Jan. 2, 2019, before having even watched the show.

Then again, if I'm wrong, let's just pretend this never happened. Still, like, I'm like 99 percent (read: 15,000 percent) sure.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox, so definitely tune in to see how this plays out. Can the finale get here, like, yesterday?!