Fans Think Jungkook's New Blue Hair Is An Optical Illusion & It May Actually Be Purple

JNI/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

In a rare Twitter selfie shared on Feb. 23, Jungkook surprised fans by revealing he'd made a huge change in his appearance: "Dyed my own hair," the BTS member wrote alongside a shot of his new blue 'do. ARMYs were shook, to say the least, because he has never donned that shade before. A day after he broke Twitter with his swoon-worthy new hairstyle, a fan pointed out he may have been using a filter that disguised his actual hair color. This led ARMYs to ask, is BTS' Jungkook's new hair blue or purple? Let's investigate.

Jungkook's selfie does look like it has a filter over it. The lights appear to have a soft effect, and if you take a look at the ceiling panels, they also seem to have been slightly tinted. There's also a faux-vintage timestamp on the bottom-left corner of the pic. As for Jungkook's hair, it looks very obviously blue. There's no doubt about it. Since he had never dyed his hair that bright blue before, fans were at a loss for words. In February 2020, Jungkook had blue highlights, but his hair was still dark overall, so there's a huge difference compared to his style now.

Take a look at Jungkook's selfie showing off his new hair color below. (Peek his hand tattoos, too!)

The theory his hair is actually purple began when Twitter user @luvdailyBTS pointed out the filter he used could have hidden his real hair color. To test out their theory, they compared before and after shots of purple ink, revealing it turned blue under the Samsung camera filter.

Adding to the suspicion, Samsung responded to the photo, writing, "You see [blue heart emojis], we see [purple heart emojis]."

This led fans to question everything. Fans were seriously shook thinking Jungkook could have been playing them all along. Purple is the color of BTS' fandom, so it would make sense that Jungkook would go for that color.

It was bringing back memories of another huge internet debate.

While purple hair would be cool, it seems Jungkook's hair is really blue, after all. Another ARMY said Jungkook wasn't using the same filter the other fan thought. "jk could've used any filter, but for it to change the hair color from purple to blue, it has to have a blue effect and it would make the background have blue tones, but jk's pic doesn't have [them]," they said.

It's also worth noting that the filter that changes blue to purple doesn't change the color blue. So if Jungkook's hair is blue, his hair would remain blue under the filter.

ARMYs will just have to wait until Jungkook shares another selfie to settle this debate once and for all!