Here's What To Know About The Seoul Music Awards So You Don't Miss BTS' Appearance

by Hollee Actman Becker
Anthony Kwan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hey, ARMY! Are y'all ready for another music award ceremony? I am! And I'm not talking about the 2019 Grammys, where BTS' Love Yourself: Tear is up for Best Recording Packaging. In fact, even if the album takes home the prize, we probably won't get to see BTS onstage because that award will actually go to their art director, not to the boys themselves. And, like, boooo! Which is why I really need to know: Is BTS going to the 2019 Seoul Music Awards on Jan. 15? Because Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, RM, V, Suga, and J-Hope are up for some awards at the annual award show, so it kind of makes sense for them to roll up, you know?

Well, rest easy, ARMY. Because on Jan. 10, the annual award ceremony confirmed that BTS would be among the artists attending this year’s Seoul Music Awards show when it goes down on Jan. 15 at the Gocheok Sky Dome at 7 p.m. KST.

The news is fire, but not all that surprising, given that BTS snagged the Grand Prize (Daesang) last year at the 27th Seoul Music Awards. And when they accepted the award, they credited the ARMY for their big win, and OMG could we even love them more?

Here's what RM said in the boys' Grand Prize acceptance speech that night:

ARMY! Thank you! My start was because of small things. I just liked music, or I wanted to express myself, or someone on stage looked cool. I think that the other six members were like that as well. That’s brought us here today. ARMY, I think you may have started liking us because of small things too. Maybe because you came across a video by chance, or you liked our music, or you thought our performance was cool. Those small reasons combined together to become a love that we don’t deserve.

So humble and sweet!

"We talked recently about why we continue to perform and make music," RM then told the crowd. "The reason at the end is always all of you. Thank you for being the reason we can do this work. We’ll try to be even a small bit of help for you in your life. Thank you, ARMY!"

I just love these guys so much!

This year's SMA winners will be selected from the pool of artists who released albums during the past year, and will be determined by a combination of mobile votes, digital downloads, and physical sales, plus scores from Seoul Music Awards management committee and judge panel. Considering the criteria, it's likely the boys will take home quite a few of the awards they're nominated for.

It's unclear at the moment if the boys will be performing at the SMAs, but chances are, if they're attending, they'll also be performing. So get pumped!

Meanwhile, in other amazing news, BTS recently announced that they will bring the group’s hit Love Yourself world tour to movie theaters all across the United States for a one-day-only event on Jan. 26 called "BTS World Tour Love Yourself In Seoul."

That is, like, so soon, you guys! So get hype by checking out the two trailers below, and then hightail it over to the LoveYourselfInSeoul.Film website to score your tickets ASAP!