Fans Think Bryce Hall Is Moving On From Addison Rae With This YouTuber

by Candice Jalili

My apologies if you were hoping he was still with Addison Rae, but fans think Bryce Hall is now dating Tessa Brooks. Per Seventeen, the TikTok star has "been seen out and about" with the YouTuber. Most recently, The Hollywood Fix released a video reportedly taken of Hall and Brooks at Los Angeles' Saddle Ranch on Sept. 19.

In the video, viewers can see the two stars looking extremely couple-y, with Hall holding Brooks from behind as they chat with friends. At one point, they can even be seen almost going in for a kiss. Then, only adding to fans' suspicions, Hall took to Instagram to post a video of himself and Brooks, this time with Brooks making silly faces as she rested her head and his chest. He simply captioned the video, "the homie."

I mean, usually "homie" implies friendship... so maybe they're just close friends who like to hold each other and cuddle and almost kiss? Or... maybe they're dating. Aside from Hall's caption, the two haven't given fas a clear update about whether they're just friends or something more. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Hall and Brooks for comment on the rumors they're dating, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

Here's the video Hall posted of them to his Instagram story:

After months of speculation from fans, Rae confirmed she and Hall were no longer an item with a tweet posted on Aug. 26:

While they're no longer together, the two have made it clear that they're still very much on good terms. "Addison can do whatever she wants as fast as she wants, we’re working on ourselves and i wish nothing but the best for her and her future manz," Hall tweeted on Sept. 7 alongside a red heart emoji, before adding, "all love."

Hall has made it clear that she's also cool with her ex moving on. "I didn't unfollow her," she responded with a laugh when asked if she unfollowed Brooks during a Sept. 20 interview, reiterating, "No, I didn't unfollow Tessa."

(TBH, I checked and she doesn't currently seem to be following Brooks on Instagram.)

To be fair, it doesn't seem as though Rae and Hall were ever even officially dating. "We were talking and kind of like, on and off, just trying to figure things out," Rae said of her relationship with Hall during a February interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I'm also, like, very new to this and he's been in this industry for a really long time. Things happen and then we just decided we're better off as friends for now because we both have totally different lifestyles right now. Not necessarily just apart from social media, just kind of like, we're both looking to branch off into different things."

Even then, she highlighted they were still cool with each other. "Right now, we're just better off as friends," she explained. "We mutually decided that... We support each other 100 percent."


So, he may be moving on and it looks like his ex is... supportive? Seems great to me.