Here Are All The Reasons Fans Are Convinced Bronn Is Going To Die On 'Game Of Thrones'


At this point in the series' long run, Game of Thrones fans have come to expect death. After the first two seasons were spent killing off fans' favorite characters one by one, it's now clear that in the final season anything is possible. Audiences will most likely be seeing a whole bunch of characters die in the final episodes of Game of Thrones, but there's still a lot of debate over which characters will survive and which ones won't make it to the end. Some of the most popular supporting character are likely to meet their demise, and sooner rather than later. So lots of fans are wondering whether or not Bronn is going to die on Game of Thrones.

Bronn's made it through quite a lot already throughout the seven previous seasons of Game of Thrones. In early seasons, he was Tyrion Lannister's companion, and he even fought for him (and won) in a trial by combat in Season 2. In recent seasons, Bronn stood by Jaime Lannister's side, helping him the rescue attempts to bring Cersei's daughter Myrcella home to her from Dorne. That all creates all the more conflict for Bronn with his newest plot point from the Season 8 premiere: Cersei has commanded him to assassinate Tyrion and Jaime.

Bronn might not be very eager to kill two of his closest friends, but he also probably isn't too keen on disobeying the reigning queen of Westeros either. Either action Bronn takes, the prospects don't look good for him. If he tries to kill Tyrion and Jaime, chances are someone else will retaliate against Bronn in their defense. But Bronn will probably be in even more danger if he goes against Cersei's orders.

The notion that Bronn doesn't have the best chances of surviving Season 8 is not only based on how the characters might act. Bronn's grim chances of surviving are also based on science. Researchers at Technical University of Munich (TUM) created an algorithm to figure out, which Game of Thrones characters have the best chances of surviving to the end of the series. According to their study, Daenerys is most likely to make it to the end, with only a 0.9 percent probability of dying. At the other end of the spectrum is the one an only Bronn, who researchers found has a 93.5 percent chance of dying. The researchers combined the same calculations used for life insurance with info about how character deaths have worked before on the series. With science like that behind the research, it's hard to argue with the fact that Bronn doesn't have a good shot of making it.

The actor who plays Bronn, Jerome Flynn, has also hinted that things don't look great for Bronn. DigitalSpy talked to Flynn about making it to the final season, and he responded:

I can't deny there's a part of me that wanted to make the end. But I was so happy... I mean, I didn't expect to make three seasons, let alone eight, so... yeah.

That all sounds like Bronn won't be making int to the final episode, but there's no word yet on when Bronn fights his final battle.