Fans Are Convinced Ariana Grande's Ex Ricky Alvarez Is Going On Tour With Her

by Jamie LeeLo
Instagram/Ariana Grande & Instagram/Ricky Alvarez

I cannot keep up with Ariana Grande, and that's not me being dramatic either. I genuinely cannot keep up with this girl. Just when I think I'm up to speed on her Sweetener album she drops Thank U, Next. Just when I'm celebrating her engagement to Pete Davidson they break up. Just when I think Ricky Alvarez is long, long in the past, he shows up in her social media feeds. Now I've gotta ask... is Ariana Grande's ex Ricky Alvarez going on tour with her? Based on my context clues, I'd say yes. But then again, I'm sure the second I get my hopes up she'll pull a 180 again.

You guys will remember Alvarez as Grande's ex-boyfriend. They were dating during the famous Donut-Licking-Gate of 2015. He was the guy standing next to her when Grande decided to lick the top of a donut at a bakery and proclaim she "hates America." Oh yeah, he also was one of her backup dancers for a while, too. Alvarez and Grande dated for roughly a year before calling it quits, but their relationship was significant enough to get him a shoutout in her hit smash, "Thank U, Next." He's the Ricky she's referring to when she sings the lyrics,

Thought I'd end up with Sean / but he wasn't a match / Wrote some songs about Ricky / Now I listen and laugh

Actually, Alvarez even posted a reaction video of himself listening to the tune which Grande re-shared on her own Instagram story.

Instagram/Ariana Grande via Ricky Alvarez

Since then, the two have started popping up together more and more. For example, they spent New Year's together and recently had a little photo shoot. Alvarez runs a photography Instagram account called @allthingsmean which currently features pics of Grande. He captioned her series of photos, "a flower."

According to Cosmopolitan, she also shared a few of these photos and tagged Alvarez but has since deleted them.

The real detail that's making fans think Alvarez is joining her on tour lives in the comments section on one of his personal Instagram posts. He and some friends snapped pics in a photo booth at Grande's "7 rings" launch party (which, already, wut wuz he doin at her party?) and shared them on his feed. Alvarez captioned the shots, "woo."

And, guess the heck what? Grande commented. In fact, she wrote, "the best team. see y'all on tour."

Instagram/Ricky Alvarez

That's a pretty real smoking gun, right?

Ok, so here is my next question: Is he joining her as a backup dancer, a photographer, a boyfriend, a combination or all three? And, follow up question: where does he stand in the recent breakup drama between her and Pete Davidson?

For now, fans will just have to wait and see how the tour unfolds and keep their eyes posted for any romance updates. Based on Grande's recent tweets, she doesn't plan to hop back into a relationship anytime soon, but anything is possible when you're confined to a tour bus.