This Crazy 'Riverdale' Theory Claims Alice Cooper Isn't Betty's Real Mom & We're Shook

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Riverdale has a history of introducing scandalous family drama that keeps our heads constantly spinning. Secret siblings. Incest. Feuds. Gang loyalty. The list goes on... The biggest mystery of Season 2 thus far has to be the identity of The Black Hood killer, and that puzzle only brings up more questions about the town's twisted family trees. Is Alice Cooper Betty's real mom on Riverdale? A new theory has us wondering if Betty's biological mother is, in fact, not who we thought she was.

We all know Betty is The Black Hood's number one gal. But why has this murderous masked assailant singled her out? Reddit user -lCrackers has an idea that would definitely check off some explanation boxes when it comes to that query. Their theory points to the consensus that the man behind the mask, or at least the person calling their shots, has to be related to the Cooper family. But that person isn't someone who lives under Betty's roof, or even her brother Chic who we'll meet later this season. That person is Serpent lawyer Penny Peabody, who could be Betty's actual mom. And she's targeting her daughter now to expose the Northside's sinners and clear the Southside of its bad name for good. -lCrackers postulates that Penny could be Alice's half sister, writing,

Her motive: Alice took her away from Betty after prove that the environment in the southside and the conditions in which Penny lived were not right for a baby. Most likely Penny did not resist at the beginning because she still did not mature enough to love a baby, but over time she totally regretted that. Now, Penny wants to prove that the North is not as they paint it, that it is equally full of lunatics and sinners, being not very different from the place where Alice did not allow her to raise her daughter. Penny wants to unseal the pretty facade of the northside, making known and hurting all the sinners there.

They also note that Penny isn't the one physically committing the crimes of the Black Hood — she's just the "mastermind." Let's be real, Peabody doesn't exactly fit his description. It is entirely possible that this is not a one man job and that a resentful, vindictive relative of Betty's is the one pulling the strings. Penny and Betty aren't exactly dissimilar in the looks department. This is all more plausible by the second. As we all know, things are pretty much never as they seem in Riverdale. We wouldn't be surprised if the killer ended up being Jason Blossom reincarnated in the body of a possessed squirrel, but alas, this theory makes a lot more sense.

So, what do we know about Penny Peabody? She's a tried and true Serpent with a law degree and the office in the back of a tattoo parlor. FP Jones referred to her a "snake charmer" that's not to be trusted, so we'll take his word for it. "I do you a favor, one day, maybe, you do me a favor," she told Jughead regarding her services. Um, red flag. That mentality sounds an awful lot like the Black Hood's approach to negotiating. It could practically be his bumper sticker.

"When the Black Hood tells Betty that "we are the same", it makes sense if it means they are relatives," -lCrackers states. Yes, remember how they pulled that whole "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most murder-y of them all?" stunt, forcing Betty to face her reflection after asking for the name behind the Black Hood? Well, that was definitely not a real answer and just a messed up mind game that left us with even more questions.

Well, this theory about Penny's link to Betty has merit, and we don't discount the concept that it's all in the family somehow. Oh, what a tangled web Riverdale weaves.