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'A Million Little Things' Fans Are All Asking 1 Question After That Wild Finale

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Season finales are supposed to leave you wanting more, but A Million Little Things has taken that notion to the extreme with its latest ending. Following all the shocking moments that went down in the final episode of the ABC drama's second season, fans are basically begging to know whether A Million Little Things Season 3 is happening. Because if not, there are going to be a lot of questions unanswered.

Warning: Spoilers for the A Million Little Things Season 2 finale follow. Unlike Season 1, which wrapped up the central enigma surrounding Jon's death and Barbara Morgan, Season 2 closed out by leaving viewers more confused than ever. Rather than revolving around one big mystery, this season brought in (and often solved) what felt like a million little problems over the course of its 19 episodes. One big conundrum that was brought up in recent episodes, however, was very much not solved, and it seems like it could become the Jon/Barbara Morgan dilemma in the potential third season.

After reconnecting with his sister Lindsey, Eddie started remembering bits and pieces of a drunken night that had gone horribly wrong many years ago. By the Season 2 finale, Eddie realized he'd someone played a role in the death of his friend Alex, who apparently drowned after partying with Eddie and Lindsey at their lake house.

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In an interview with Deadline, series creator and showrunner DJ Nash said he plans to explore this storyline further in a potential third season, and he expressed his confidence in the getting support he needs in order to make that happen. "The studio and the network have been so supportive of this show right from the beginning. They have let me and let us tell the stories exactly the way we want to tell them," he said.

Nash also revealed in the interview that he'd shot an alternate ending for the Season 2 finale, but was told to go with his original idea. Though nothing is confirmed, from the sound of this, the alternate ending could have wrapped up the series, while the ending they went forward with very much left things open for another season. If that is the case, then that could be seen as a vote of confidence from ABC.

Of course, the ending that made it into the final cut isn't exactly a happy one. After Rome and Regina found out Eve wasn't going to let them adopt her baby after all, and Gary and Maggie finally confessed their love to one another but still didn't get back together, the most jaw-dropping tragedy came when Eddie, who had just narrowly avoided ending his sobriety after 10 years, was hit by a car. The show cuts to black right after the accident, leaving viewers to stress over whether Eddie would survive.

With an ending like that fans are crossing their fingers and toes they'll get some closure in the form of a third season, but whether Eddie would be around to take part in it remains to be seen.