4 Reasons St. Patrick's Day Is Actually An Awesome Day For A First Date

I have a particularly vivid memory of sitting in my kindergarten classroom with a little plastic cup of green milk in front of me. The milk wasn't curdled, it was dyed for St. Patrick's Day — it was the '90s, which is why our snack time beverage was green milk and not green juice. By the late aughts, I have memories of a cup of green beer on the beer pong table in front of me at Boston College every March 17. What's my point? None of these beverages are particularly adorable to drink on a date, but a first date on St. Patrick's Day is actually a superb idea.

Like your verdant, not-yet-ripe relationship, St. Patrick's Day is a very green day to have a fresh new experience. (Like a date!) You may be imagining the drunk people in the streets and thinking, "What a solidly trash idea, Kimmy." But what does the puke on the ground really have to do with your budding relationship? Holidays are excuses to imbibe, and so are first dates — how convenient! Here's why you should consider going on a first date this St. Patrick's Day.

All the drunk people will make you look refined AF.

I don't suggest that you over-indulge in the St. Paddy's revelry on your date, but you can get lightly sauced without throwing up any major red flags. You can take three shots of whiskey on an empty stomach and still look like Kate Middleton as you roll out of the bar past the dudes in shamrock hats who have been drinking since 10 a.m. You're meeting your date on a drinking holiday, after all. Plus, you get to find out what their drinking habits are like on a first date, all while getting to know each other with some lowered inhibitions. (But also, Mom is here to say: Be safe!)

St. Patrick's Day is on a Saturday this year.

I happen to think that Saturday afternoon is prime time for a first date. It's entirely light outside, so you can feel nice and safe on your walk home. It's Saturday, so you can have an adult beverage at 2 p.m., or you can skip the beverages and grab coffee or brunch instead. (#Boring, but not everyone drinks like I do, nor should they...) A Saturday afternoon is also not a Saturday night, so it's not an egregious first date move — I usually assume that Saturday nights are for friends, and don't love taking someone's Saturday night up for a first date.

You have an automatic conversation-starter.

You know that moment on a first date where you find yourself asking your date about how many siblings they have, even if you're getting along really well otherwise? Don't worry, we've all been there/been that lame. Conversation on a first date can be awkward, but on St. Paddy's you'll have an entire holiday to discuss, plus an interesting array of people to watch through the bar's window. It's like diet Santa Con.

People who go on dates on March 17 are probably pretty respectable people.

Think about it: Your date is willing to sit down and chat with another human over a Guinness or two without worrying that they are missing out on "Jameson with the crew" — this is a stand-up person! There's nothing wrong with celebrating St. Patrick's Day with friends, but spending time getting to know someone on St. Patrick's Day suggests you're on a date with someone who is relatively serious about finding a connection.

I will wrap up my St.-Paddy's-Day-date-call-to-action with this thought: Any day is a great day to go on a first date. Pick a date that is convenient for you and your date, doesn't require too much stressful planning, and will allow you to enjoy yourself and have fun. Here's to finding your pot of gold!

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