Grab Your Bestie For This Two-For-One Arctic Adventure Cruise That's So Affordable

I've never been one to seek out the colder weather. I grew up in New England, and dealt with snow and ice on my car during the winter months. I woke up before my usual alarms and threw on extra blanket scarves, just to shovel out my driveway so that I'd make it to high school on time. After my millionth cup of hot chocolate and pair of mittens, you can imagine that my version of paradise included palm trees, pineapples, and millennial pink sand. I'm here to tell you, though, that I have changed my mind. Intrepid Travel's BOGO arctic cruise deal is too sweet to pass up, and the wintery adventure I'd be so willing to take.

You may have been on some pretty sweet adventures thus far, but I can guarantee that this arctic cruise will top your list. For one, you and your chosen travel buddy will be headed toward the North Pole. You'll see polar bears and immense amounts of wildlife — all while taking in some of the most beautiful landscapes this world has to offer.

The best part? It's all within your budget because of Intrepid Travel (a small group travel company) and Peregrine Adventures' (its premium sister brand) latest deal. Long story short: Your bank account won't be taking a polar plunge in the name of travel.

What's the scoop on Intrepid Travel's BOGO arctic cruise deal?

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The promotion is for an eight-day cruise for two travelers, for the price of one. (Yes, you read that right.) The Arctic Unveiled itinerary includes an adventure to Spitsbergen, a Norwegian Archipelago between the mainland of the country and the North Pole, and a bunch of once-in-a-lifetime wintery memories.

You and your bestie will be able to experience 24 hours of sunlight, glaciers, snowy cliffs and peaks, and wildlife first-hand. You'll feel like a true world traveler the second your guide starts educating you about what you're seeing and doing. (Oh, and just another friendly reminder: You'll be doing all of this at a super discounted price.)

Now, in my personal opinion, this trip might not be the best pick for those who aren't about adventuring through the great outdoors. So, choose your travel buddy wisely and figure out if sailing around the Arctic is best for you both. Then, book a spot on this arctic cruise. I have those details for you, too!

How can you and your best friend book this arctic cruise?

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OK, so you've found a bestie who would be down for this polar adventure and cruising near the North Pole. What's next? Well, grabbing a spot on the boat is a must-do!

Simply head on over to the Intrepid Travel website or the Peregrine Adventures website to reserve your spots. The window to book the trip with the BOGO deal is Feb. 6 to March 31, 2019, with limited availability. So, you have about a month to prepare your funds and your plans.

When you go through the process of booking the cruise, the discount will be reflected at check-out. The trip itself will last from June 23 to 30 of this year.

What are Intrepid Travel's tips for traveling in arctic temperatures?

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Along with offering this sweet deal for you and your bestie, Intrepid Travel is providing tips on traveling in arctic temperatures. Prepping for this polar adventure is absolutely #necessary.

First things first: If you're headed up north on your own adventure, or on this arctic cruise, pack with the winter weather in mind. Make sure that your clothes can handle the elements like water, wind, and sunlight. Getting gear, like boots and jackets, that are resistant and have multiple linings may be a good idea, too. And if you're still not totally sure once your suitcase is packed that you have everything you need, check out Intrepid's full packing list — once and twice.

Next, think about other essentials that would be handy for this trip that you might not have needed in other climates. For example, 24 hours of daylight means that your sleeping conditions will be a little different. Intrepid recommends bringing an eye mask.

Also, consider bringing extra batteries or portable chargers for your devices. If you've ever brought your phone or camera out into the cold temperatures even once, you know that they lose juice, well, fast.

Overall, you'll quickly realize that this trip is one for the books when you're enjoying otherworldly experiences in the middle of glaciers — at a very affordable price.