Frozen II

A 'Frozen 2' Docuseries Is Coming To Disney+, Here Are The Magical Details

by Ani Bundel

Frozen II is a historical film in the Disney canon. It was the first mainstream sequel to a successful Disney franchise to get a wide release in theaters. It took the crown for the All-Time Animation Box Office Record, a title it took from the original Frozen. It was also the first Disney animated film directed by a woman, Jennifer Lee, who also happens to be the first female chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation. With so much history-making, it's not a surprise Disney+ has announced Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 is coming, a behind-the-scenes docuseries on the creation of the film.

Set one year before the release of Frozen II to theaters in November of 2019, this six-part documentary will chronicle the work that went into getting the film made. It is the first time Disney has allowed the creative and artistic processes behind one of their big box office releases to be documented. Add it to the ever-growing pile of firsts that can be laid at Frozen II's doorstep.

Like Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, the eight-part behind-the-scenes series currently releasing one episode a week on Disney+, Into The Unknown will begin releasing episodes on June 26, with one installment a week to follow.

Check out the trailer.

When Disney+ arrived, fans considered it a chance to get their hands on the goodies stored within the "Disney Vault." The streaming service also hyped TV series tying into big-screen franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Lucasfilm's Star Wars.

But the true gems tucked within the Disney streamer are it's documentaries. The Imagineering Story, for instance, told the story of the Disney parks. One Day At Disney looks at the different aspects of creating Disney magic, and the artists who do it every day. Even the "making of" documentary behind the Penguins movie is as good, if not better than, 2019's big-screen release, Penguins.

Disney has always been best as documenting its own mythos. It's an essential tool for the creation of Disney as a brand. As the latest entry into Disney's groundbreaking pantheon, Frozen II is ripe for a docu-series, letting fans go behind the magic to see what it took to create the latest in a long line that stretches unbroken from Snow White to Elsa.

Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 will debut on Friday, June 26, 2020.