Instagram's New Love Letter Camera Effect Will Make Your Valentine's Day Story Extra Mushy

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Well, all of my social media-using friends, romance is in the air, because Valentine's Day is finally here. And after you send that gorgeous bouquet of flowers to your boo, as well as boxes of chocolates to all your gal pals (because Galentine's Day is SO important) don't forget to send a little love to all of your other friends and followers. And if you haven't started sending out thoose ooey gooey texts, you're in luck because Instagram's Valentine's Day 2019 filters and camera effects are now available, and they will most definitely have all your followers ~feeling the love.~

This Valentine's Day (aka the most romantic day of the year), everyone's favorite photo-sharing app, Instagram, is coming in clutch with three spankin' new camera effects and filters for Stories that are sure to spread the love. According to Instagram, each and every one of them are totally unique, and they're guaranteed to spread the love (using very minimal effort *wink*). Plus, they even tricked out the classic Heart Bloom effect which you've probably come to know and love over the years (IDK about you, but I use it to document every single dog I see on the subway). Anyway, check out the three brand new effects below — you're bound to fall head-over-heels in love with each of them.

First is the Love Letter Filter, which, according to Instagram, places a Valentine, joyful-looking succulents, and animated hearts in the frame. It's honestly so cute, it makes adorable kissy noises. So make sure to crank that volume to hear some adorable smooches.

Courtesy of Instagram

Next comes the Heart Frame, which is bound to have your followers feeling all mushy inside. According to Instagram, it encircles you with a gorgeous heart frame, and tracks you based on your distance from the camera. You can also use it with the back camera, so make sure to try it out on all your friends.

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Last but not least is the Neon Valentine filter. According to Instagram, it adds neon candy hearts to all your Stories, so it's especially ideal for those feeling extra nostalgic for Sweethearts Candies this year (RIP). If you don't see this one right away, don't worry — according to Instagram, you could end up seeing this one a little later in the day.

The Heart Bloom Effect has also been upgraded as well. According to Instagram, the colors in the effect change now, depending on the colors that are already prevalent in your photo or video.

Courtesy Of Instagram

Classic, right?

Now that you've shown love to literally everyone you know (or at least to everyone who follows you), make sure to show some self love by ordering yourself a Papa John's heart-shaped pizza pie. For one week only between Feb. 7 and Feb. 14, you will be able to order this specialty V-Day 'za by phone, on the Papa John's website, through the Papa John's app, by way of their Facebook page, or even through your Alexa. Getting it with one topping will cost you $11, and you can throw in a Double Chocolate Brownie for an additional $4, which would total out to $16. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell everyone you know how much you love and appreciate them, so Instagram's latest and greatest filters and camera effects are sure to come in handy. Your followers definitely deserve all the love and smooches, so post away, m'dears.