'Incredibles 2' Ratings Are In & They're, Well, Incredible AF


It has been 14 years since we last checked in with Pixar's superhero family in The Incredibles, but now fans will finally get to see what the Parrs have been up to when Incredibles 2 lands in theaters on Friday, June 15. The new sequel picks up right where the 2004 original movie left off, ignoring the decade-and-a-half time gap and getting right into the Incredibles' fight with the Underminer that began at the end of The Incredibles. Although the rest of us will have to wait until Friday to see the new movie, the reviews are already in and the Incredibles 2 ratings are, well, incredible!

Movie critics are raving that the new sequel is just as funny and thrilling as the beloved original movie. One reviewer even said that Incredibles 2 might be the best superhero sequel since The Dark Knight. Check out what reviewers are saying about Incredibles 2 below.

Scott Mendelson for Forbes:

Incredibles 2 is both a dynamite action-comedy and different enough from both its predecessor and the last 13 years of superhero flicks to stand apart from the crowd. It is a funny, thoughtful, and thrilling adventure that artistically justifies itself without invalidating what came before. In terms of pure nuts-and-bolts, it is probably the best animated action movie ever made. It may not be as compelling an emotional drama as the first movie, but it’s playing a different game and is a knockout success in its sandbox of choice. It may be the best superhero sequel since The Dark Knight.

Todd McCarthy for The Hollywood Reporter:

Boosted by central characters that remain vastly engaging and a deep supply of wit, Incredibles 2 certainly proves worth the wait, even if it hits the target but not the bull's eye in quite the way the first one did. It remains to be seen whether everyone who loved the original when they were six years old and is now 20 will rush out to catch this follow-up, but there's plenty of crackling entertainment value here for viewers from five to 95.

Matt Goldberg for Collider:

By weaving these two stories together, Incredibles 2 remains fresh and fun, but also distinct from its predecessor. While the first movie was about learning the importance of family over pride or career, Incredibles 2 digs down deeper and shows the nitty gritty of what a family will do to succeed. The supervillain’s plot is almost a distraction away from what we really care about, which is just watching Elastigirl kick butt and Mr. Incredible hate math. But all of the charm and style from the first movie remains intact.

While pretty much every critic is posting positive reviews for Incredibles 2, they aren't exactly all raves. A handful of critics note that while they enjoyed the new movie, it fell a bit short of reaching the high bar set by The Incredibles.

Owen Gleiberman for Variety:

Incredibles 2 offers a puckishly high-spirited but slightly strenuous replay of the original film’s tale of a superhero family working to prove its relevance. Once again, the family’s members are on the cusp between humdrum domesticity and saving-the-world bravura. Yet what was organic, and even obsessive, in the first outing comes off as pat and elaborate formula here. The new movie, energized as it is, too often feels like warmed-over sloppy seconds, with a what-do-we-do-now? riff that turns into an overly on-the-nose plot.

Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair:

This sequel has a richer, more intricate gleam than its predecessor—14 years have done a lot for animation technology—but it still whizzes and glides across the same architecture. It’s a blast—and then it’s gone.

Sam Adams for Slate:

Incredibles 2 is a movie that lavishes attention on the details but loses sight of the whole, where you can’t see the forest for the meticulously rendered trees. What sticks in the mind isn’t its half-hearted conflicts but the design of the Parrs’ loaner mansion, which looks like James Mason’s hideout from North by Northwest, or the way the roof of a massive hydrofoil opens up to disgorge a hidden jet plane. Perhaps that’s like coming out of a four-star meal and raving about the tablecloths, but the world needs nice tablecloths, too.

Although the critics may disagree over whether Incredibles 2 is as good as the original or not, it does sound like overall, everyone who saw the new movie enjoyed it. You judge for yourself when Incredibles 2 lands in theaters on Friday, June 15.