IHOP Finally Revealed Its New "B" Menu Items, & You'll Want Try Them All

by Collette Reitz

I don't know if you've been following along with the latest name change that IHOP revealed last week, but the day has finally come to find out what the lower-cased "b" in IHOb stands for. You can still enjoy all the pancakes your heart desires when you go to IHOb, but now you can add burgers to your order, too. IHOP's New Ultimate Steakburgers are why the restaurant changed it's name, and you'll want to head to IHOb as soon as you can to try them all.

If you're wondering where all this talk of burgers is coming from, then look no further than the name change IHOP introduced last week when the company flipped the "P" at the end of its name to a lower-cased "b," giving you IHOb. IHOP fans everywhere guessed what the change in the iconic breakfast restaurant's name might mean. In a Monday, June 11 press release, IHOP announced that its name for the time being is IHOb, so you know the chain means business when it comes to their seven new Ultimate Steakburgers made with "100-percent USDA choice, Black Angus ground beef."

So, if you were thinking the name IHOb might just be a really late April Fool's joke, then think again. It's actually the reason you can now try burger creations like the Mega Monster right there in the same place you enjoy your favorite fluffy short stack.

In the release, Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for IHOb restaurants, explained how the change to IHOb means the restaurant is serious about delicious burgers. Haley said,

We've pancaked pancakes for 60 years now so it's the perfect time to start burgerin' burgers, and we're kicking it off by flipping the 'p' in IHOP to a 'b' for burgers. And, when you try them, I think you'll agree with me that IHOb's new line of Ultimate Steakburgers are so good that I'd put them up against anyone's … just like our pancakes.

IHOb is fully embracing both the new Ultimate Steakburgers and the name change. For starters, you have seven options from which to choose when it comes to your IHOb burger cravings. Plus, you can take advantage of the limited-time deal that will give you an Ultimate Steakburger, unlimited fries, and a drink for $6.99 at participating locations.

You're sure to enjoy the taste of these new burgers, because IHOb developed the recipe with the same care that the chain used to create the pancakes you live so much. In the release, Chef Nevielle Panthaky, head of culinary at IHOb, shared how much effort went into these new burgers. Panthaky explained, "The IHOP Culinary team took the creation of these Steakburgers as seriously as we take innovation around our pancakes, which means they're soon to become world famous, too."


If you want a breakfast vibe, you can order the Big Brunch, which comes complete with "IHOP's custom-cured, hickory-smoked bacon, a fried egg, and a crispy browned potato." Are you in the mood for a little something spicy? The new Jalapeño Kick Ultimate Steakburger should do the trick. Of course, you can always keep it simple with The Classic or The Classic with Bacon.

According to Stephanie Peterson, an IHOP spokesperson, the name change will be very visible during the duration of the campaign. Peterson tells Elite Daily, "We’re supporting the launch by flipping our Twitter handle and creating a fully re-burgered IHOb flagship restaurant in Hollywood, California."

IHOb Restaurants

Burger fanatics will love the IHOb flagship spot, but all IHOb fans can get a feel for the new, "burger-fied" IHOb as Peterson further explains, "All restaurants will have touches of the branding for the duration of the summer campaign."

Don't worry about missing out on the famous pancakes at IHOb, because you can still get all of your favorite breakfast options at IHOb.

If you're really feeling this IHOb name change, you might just get a lot more of it soon, because Peterson shares, "Based on fan demand, there’s the chance we may create more IHOb restaurants in the future."

I don't know about you, but as long as the pancakes don't go anywhere, I'm fine with whatever IHOb calls itself. I'm not sure if IHOb will be back to IHOP by the time National Pancake Day rolls around next year, but fingers crossed that —no matter what the name chain goes by— you can still score free pancakes on National Pancake Day in February.

And hey, the new burgers might just mean you can grab some kind of Ultimate Steakburger deal at IHOb on National Burger Day. Of course, you'll have to wait until next May to see if IHOb will get in on that action, but you can give all the new IHOb burgers a try right now.