If You're A Millennial Who Has A Bestie Since Grade School, Your Friendship Has These 10 Qualities

Finding a true best friend can be a difficult task, and staying close to that bestie forever is even harder. That's why it's truly special that you've had the same BFF since you were little. You've found the PB to your J, and you're not letting them go anytime soon. Your bond is something unique, and you know if you've been friends since grade school with your BFF, your friendship has the qualities it needs to thrive.

You and I both know that not every friendship is the forever type, and that's totally OK. Some people come into your life for certain reasons, and eventually, you might drift apart. It's no one's fault other than maybe one of you moved away, or your interests have changed. It happens, but considering you've been BFFs with the same person since you were sharing Gushers at lunchtime and playing hopscotch at recess, you know you've found your person. It's because of these 10 qualities that you've made your friendship work this long.

You might not have been aware that you shared these things together, but now it all makes sense as to why you click so well. Congrats to finding your true person. This is only just the beginning of many more priceless memories to come.

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You and your BFF established a perfect balance. You don't spend every moment together, and you might even have different friend circles. You know how to dedicate quality time to your bestie, but also to your other friend groups, and they do the same.

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There's peace between the two of you that comes with your tight bond. You just get along so well that it feels effortless. Even when you have disagreements, you're always able to work your way through them in a calm, productive, and respectful manner.


You feel so comfortable with your BFF. There are times when you're just hanging out watching Netflix on the couch with some popcorn, and it's the best time ever. There's no one you feel more like yourself around other than your best friend.

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Even though you are best friends and like the same things, you are also two very different people. You might have different hobbies and career paths, but it's the understanding between you two that keeps you connected. You may not love the same things as them, but you totally understand why your bestie does — and that's what makes you love her even more.

No Judgment

You never feel judged for being your complete self. Since it's such a safe space between you two, you feel open and able to be as honest as possible. It's also why your BFF hangouts are the best, because you can have unfiltered fun all day long.


You and your BFF have been supporting each other since grade school. You cheered on your bestie at every competition and through every test, and to this day, you still support them in their career moves and personal life. You need someone who always has your back, and pushes you to do better things.

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A true test of friendship is patience. You will have your ups, but it's how you get through the downs that truly determines the greatness of your best friendship. You grew up together, but maybe you live long-distance now. It's the patience you have that allows you to get through the growing pains of living far apart.


You and your bestie share the same sense of humor. It's what keeps you laughing literally all the time. It's also why you have so many inside jokes; there are far too many to even count.


You have to be completely honest with your best friend. They are who you go to for advice, and you want them to keep it real with you at all times. If you're not being honest with your BFF, you're not being honest with yourself.

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Last, but not least, is trust. This is super important for any relationship, but especially with your best friend. It's why you feel so comfortable sharing all of your secrets with them, and you know you can trust them because they still haven't told anyone who you had a crush on in second grade.