If You're The Friend Who Always Drinks Coffee, Your Squad Knows How Much Java Beans To You

Oh coffee, how I love thee so much. I honestly don't know what I would do without you every single day. I'll happily admit that I am obsessed with my morning java. I have at least one cup a day, and more if it's truly the best day ever. If you're the friend who always drinks coffee, you can likely relate, and your squad has grown to anticipate the latte-loving lifestyle that comes whenever you're around.

Java beans so much to me, and I'm a firm believer our relationship is in it for the long run. Simply put: We are just meant to bean. All puns aside, though, I love the flavor. Give me a hot, iced, drip, or espresso coffee any day of the week, please. You totally understand where I'm coming from, because you're probably sipping on a cold brew right now.

Your friends understand as well, because they know your love of coffee is all too real. That's why they've come to expect these eight things whenever you're around. You're the coffee friend, and you'll happily accept this title of the group. You might have even turned some of your friends into coffee lovers as well, and that only makes your friendship stronger.

You Always Suggest Stopping For A Cup Of Joe Before Hitting The Road

Whether you're going somewhere near or far, you always need a cup of coffee for the journey. Road trips are my favorite, and I just so happen to live around the corner from several amazing cafés, so you know that a stop for coffee is the first thing on the agenda before we hit the road. It's a tradition.

Your Friends Know Not To Bother You Before You've Had Your First Cup Of The Day

I'm sure you've seen all of those "don't bother me before I've had my coffee" memes, and you know they're all too relatable. You just aren't you until you've taken that first sip. Once you do, you're ready to slay.

You Always Get Gift Cards To Your Favorite Coffee Spot For Your Birthday

Your friends know that pretty much a good chunk of your paycheck goes to fueling yourself with coffee. That's why they hook you up with gift cards to your favorite coffee spot for your birthday. They might even take you out for coffee and sweet treats, and that's the best present anyone could ever give.

Your Friends Ask You For Suggestions For Their Coffee Dates
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If your friend is going on a coffee date, they know to turn to you for the best suggestions. You know pretty much every coffee shop and café in town. You can tell them which ones are the best for talking in, and which ones have the tastiest treats. You are their coffee connoisseur, after all.

Your Go-To Cocktail Is Baileys And Coffee
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You and your friends have become familiar with each other's go-to cocktails. You know the one friend who likes the fruity drinks, and the one who loves a good margarita. When it comes to you, your friends know that if it involves coffee, you're going to order it.

Give me all the Baileys and coffee drinks there are, please. I remember the time I found out that I could get Baileys in my coffee at an open bar wedding, and that still stands as the greatest wedding I've ever been to.

Your Friends Know The Way To Your Heart

A one-way ticket to my heart is by getting me a cup of coffee out of the blue. I love it when I'm running late in the morning, and my friend has an iced vanilla latte waiting for me. My crew also knows to tell my future husband that the perfect proposal for me would be a diamond ring on an iced caffeinated beverage.

You Talk About Your Barista So Much

You are on a first name basis with your barista, because you see them every single day. You spend so much time together, that you end up having some fun stories you want to share with your squad.

You May Have Converted Your Friends Into Coffee Lovers
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When you first met your friends, they might have said things like, "Coffee is too bitter," or, "I'm more of a tea person," but you quickly changed that. By slowly making your friends stop at your favorite coffee spot all the time, they've joined the coffee train as well. They may not be ordering straight espresso shots, but they've learned to love the bean.