If You’re Ready To Define The Relationship, You’ll Notice 3 Things About Yourself

The early stages of dating someone are high-key thrilling. There's the moment when you meet, the way you tell your friends about a new crush, and all the small interactions that give you a tropical forest's worth of butterflies in your gut. These are undoubtedly times to be savored and appreciated while simultaneously trying not to lose your sh*t about how it all makes you feel. If you're falling for someone and ready for the next step, there are some things you may notice about yourself when you're ready to define the relationship.

If you're ready to DTR, you'll likely feel a "sureness" that you're with the right person, Joshua Klapow Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show tells Elite Daily. He also adds that when you're ready to define the relationship, you will go from seeing only the best qualities in your partner to seeing them as a much more realistic, real person. You will see this person's flaws and quirks, as well as the things that you like best about them. "These parts of the person become integrated into the whole picture. You see them in a much broader context and you are good with what you see," says Klapow. If you're curious about whether you're feeling ready to define the relationship with your SO, check out some of the following signs.

You Truly Feel Content And Right With This Person

"You can be very honest about your feelings for this person," says Klapow. "We have not played internal mind games trying to convince ourselves that we don’t have interest in others." If you've been seeing or talking with a crush and feel a steadiness about how much you appreciate them, it could mean you're ready to take the next step with them.

You Start To Look At Things From A "We" Perspective

"You also notice that you now can see life through your eyes and theirs," says Klapow. You might notice that your perspective on life is no longer solely about how you see and experience things. You consider them in your plans and you want to include them in multiple areas of your life.

Alternatively, Klapow adds, you don't feel worried about what is happening outside of this relationship or anxious that you're missing out. The fact of seeing this person as a fixture in life and not being concerned about what you're missing out on as a result of their presence is a huge indicator that you're ready to make a larger commitment to them.

You're Honest And Understanding About The Potential Challenges

"If all is perfect you have not looked deep enough," says Klapow. A big part of making a larger commitment to a partner is understanding the risks and being aware of potential flaws. The beauty of that is the fact that you are willing to make a vulnerable step while also being aware of the risks involved.

Being honest about the challenges is a great part of being ready to define a relationship. "You should see this as a great and wonderful situation while also being able to articulate the difficulties, barriers, and sticking points of the relationship," says Klapow.

Falling for someone can be simultaneously thrilling and scary, but it's amazing you're putting yourself out there in this way. Just the fact that you're reflecting how you feel is incredible.