If You're A Light Packer, You Know These 9 Things To Be True

When you're a light packer, your skills make you feel #blessed when it comes time to travel. Whether it's a long weekend getaway to the wine country, or a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise, you always manage to minimize the packing and maximize the fun. It doesn't have anything to do with luck, and if you're a light packer, you know that and many other things to be true.

For you, your backpack is all you need most of the time, and people look at you like you're from Mars when you say you're all packed and ready to hit the road. What can you say? You've mastered the art of only bringing the essentials and dodging the hassle of overpacking.

You're not sure where you picked it up, but you're so glad you did. If you wanted to, you could start an entire blog detailing how you make the light packing magic happen. For now, you're keeping your packing hacks to yourself, and traveling far and wide without a worry in the world about checking your luggage. Knowing how to pack light is pretty spectacular, and if this is your life, you can seriously relate to these nine things.

1. You've Never Have A Hard Time Carrying Your Luggage


Exhausting yourself by lugging a heavy suitcase around all day long is not how you roll. If you wanted a workout, you'd be at the gym lifting weights. You're a light packer, which means all of your stuff fits into a backpack or small duffel bag.

2. Extra Baggage Fees, Who?


Having a carry-on that's also your main luggage is so convenient. You cringe at the idea of being charged an extra fee for a bag that doesn't fall within the weight requirements. You've never come across this yourself. You send your sympathies to those who can't help it, though.

3. You're Usually Packed And Ready Before Everyone Else


Packing light means you've narrowed down everything you need, and have it all organized for your trip. You think you took forever, until you're checking in with everyone else and they're still packing their toiletries. The waiting game gets a tad lonely, to be honest.

4. Your Backpack Is Your Actual Best Friend


You smile at the word "Jansport," because it has been your best buddy since day one. You could pack for a whole weekend in that thing. (Yes, it's totally possible.)

5. Your Friends Who Overpack Just Don't Understand Your Ways


When you stroll into the airport with your loaded backpack, your friends are amazed. They have no idea how you plan to be prepared for your trip with such a small bag. You prove them wrong every single time.

6. People Always Ask You If You're Sure You Have Everything


You're so used to hearing, "Are you sure that's everything?" Little do they know, being a light packer doesn't mean you're forgetful. You're covered with the necessities, but you know for sure one of the heavy packers in your crew will leave something behind by accident. Oh, the irony.

7. Your Friends Ask You To Help Them Pack


OK, your friends are about done with seeing how easy you make packing look. They want in on your tricks. But honestly, even when you show them, they always resort back to their heavy-packing ways.

8. Your Organization Skills Are #TravelGoals


The reason your light packing works so well is because you are very organized. The checklist for what you need is almost as long as everyone else's, but how you sort everything is so different. Organization is key.

9. You're Open To New Travel Hacks


You've already got light packing down to a science, so you aren't opposed to learning new travel hacks. The more you know, the better everything flows. You can afford to switch up your travel routine.