The Most Useful Packing Secrets From A Travel Blogger Who Lives Out Of A Suitcase

by Ciara Johnson

As a travel blogger, I've had plenty of packing practice. I've come a long way since the days when I basically threw my entire closet into my suitcase. I still have a few tricks to learn, but I've had plenty of opportunities to improve in the packing department. These days, I have more trouble unpacking after a trip rather than packing beforehand. However, there are some useful packing secrets from a travel blogger who lives out of her suitcase, that you really should know. These have truly saved me back in the day.

In the beginning of my travel days, I had no idea where to begin. I seem to be a master procrastinator in all areas of my life, so I did just that when it came to packing. I'd fail to make a packing list, so I'd inevitably leave important items behind. Alternatively, I'd end up bringing things that ultimately just took up space in my bag. Somehow, I always ended up overpacking and underpacking at the same time. It was difficult to get things just right.

Failure can be your greatest teacher. I now know exactly what things to bring without a second thought. However, I know that it can be tempting for less experienced travelers to pack everything they own. Packing properly is a bit of an art, and doing it wrong may effect your travels more than you realize. If you've got an upcoming trip and you are staring at your empty suitcase in complete and utter confusion, then here are a few packing secrets I've learned along the way.

Packing Cubes Are Here To Save The Day
Tana Teel/Stocksy

Packing cubes are a total lifesaver. They're the best way to compress your clothing and keep everything organized when you're on the go. They'll help you maximize luggage space and save you plenty of time on the road. When you unpack your suitcase at your destination, you'll know where to find everything.

Don't Procrastinate

Procrastination has the potential to lead to overpacking and underpacking. If you plan ahead, you're less likely to forget important things. You're also less likely to bring items that you'll never end up using. Create a list and do your research ahead of time to ensure that you pack exactly what you need for your trip.

Mix And Match
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Unfortunately, you can't pack your entire closet into your bag. You can only bring so many clothes, so it's important to optimize what you choose to pack. If you bring neutral clothing, you'll have no problem mixing and matching. You can also pack multi-purpose items for more versatility. If you do it right, you can create 20 outfits from 10 clothing items.

Choose Your Luggage Wisely

Choosing the correct luggage will make all of the difference. You can decide which type of luggage to purchase based on the length of your trip, destination, and travel style. If you plan to move around a lot, then you might consider using a backpack. If you're going on a weekend trip, then you may want to opt for a carry-on or weekender-sized bag. Think about the type of trip you're taking, and choose luggage accordingly.

Think In Terms Of Quality Over Quantity
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Most people assume that they need to pack for every possible situation. As a result, you end up packing things that you never end up pulling out of your suitcase. Instead, it's important to pack quality items that will withstand the elements.

Prioritize clothing and products you truly love. It's important to make sure that everything fits well and that you feel good in whatever clothing you bring. Pack that one shirt you always wear and your favorite pair of shoes.

Use Electronics

Electronics will help you save a lot of space. Instead of packing three large books, load all of your books onto an e-reader. Instead of bringing a bulky camera, consider upgrading to a phone that produces high quality images. It's 2018, so you can consolidate all forms of entertainment onto electronic devices.

Research Before You Go
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Weather, season, location, culture, and a variety of other factors will influence how to pack. You may be required to follow different dress codes in certain countries, so you could have to pack longer dresses and scarves. You'll need to pack a combination of heavy duty and lightweight clothing if you plan to cross regions with varying degrees of weather. You'll need to pack a poncho and waterproof shoes during the wet season. Proper research will ensure that a rainy day won't ruin your parade.