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How Your Relationship Can Crash & Collide If You're A Leo & Your Sister Is A Virgo

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Every single relationship between sisters is a complicated mixture of love and frustration. Even during those moments when you think you hate your sister, you know deep down you still love her. In my opinion, there's no relationship more fascinating than the relationship between sisters, especially if you're a Leo and your sister is a Virgo. These two zodiac signs could not possibly be more different, which means a sisterly bond between the two is a sight to be seen.

As in all things astrology-related, it's important to remember that you're made up of so much more than the zodiac sign you were born under. You've got an entire birth chart to account for the person you are, which includes several different planets, astrological houses, and the presence of not just one, but all 12 zodiac signs. Plus, your life experiences have also helped shape the way your birth chart is expressed. You can't base the compatibility you share with someone on your sun signs alone, so if you don't totally relate to what I'm saying here, it's simply because you need to dig deeper into the synastry between your and your sister's birth charts.

With that being said, here's a basic rundown of how the relationship between a Leo and a Virgo can crash and collide, especially if the relationship happens to be between sisters:


Virgos Are The Responsible Ones And Leos Are The Bold Ones

When I think of a Leo, I think of someone who loves being in the spotlight. They thrive when they've got all eyes in their direction and everyone is fawning over their awesome personality. After all, Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the brightest and boldest celestial body in all of astrology. A Leo is defined by their creativity and their desire to express themselves. If a Leo wants to dance, they'll make sure they're the greatest dancer in the whole room. If a Leo is in love with you, it won't be long before you know it.

This is often unlike a Virgo, who tends to fly under the radar more than a Leo. That's because Virgo is ruled by Mercury — the messenger planet — and is far more concerned about the details of a story than about being the center of the story. But don't mistake their less flamboyant nature for being shy or powerless. Virgos are famous for being analytical, organized, and responsible, which is how their talents tend to shine. They love to be of service to others and they always make sure everything is up to speed and getting accomplished.

Based on the signature traits of these signs, I'd say a Virgo sister is the practical one, while a Leo sibling is the wild one. The Virgo probably got better grades in school and kept their room clean, while the Leo might have been more popular amongst their peers and willing to take risks. Your parents may have doted on the Leo more growing up, but they probably felt like they could rely on the Virgo more.

At their worst, the Virgo might think the Leo is over-the-top and dramatic, while the Leo might think the Virgo is boring and overly worrisome over meaningless things. However, at their best, these zodiac signs have so much to teach each other. As sisters, the Leo probably inspires the Virgo to let loose and enjoy the splendors of life. On the other hand, the Virgo probably helps the Leo get through one conflict after another and encourages them to stay focused. Like I said, a sisterly Virgo-Leo bond is a sight to be seen.

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