If Your Cousins Were The Best Part Of Your Childhood, You're Forever Blessed

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Looking back on your childhood, you have many fond memories. From family vacays at the beach, to backyard barbecues, to watching Saturday morning cartoons, the fun was never-ending. There was so much to love, but what you enjoyed the most was spending time with your cousins. They were your first BFFs, and your ride or die squad for life. If your cousins were the best part of your childhood, you have nothing but great memories to remember forever.

Even though you've reached adulthood, you love walking down Memory Lane whenever you hang out with your favorite people. You probably have a cousin group chat that keeps your phone lit, and you can't wait until the next big family reunion to see them again. The distance has never been a problem, because you're all so close and keep in touch. If you ever miss them, you know you have holidays to look forward to, and can plan cousin getaways in between.

Looking back now, you consider yourself very lucky to have been born into such a solid crew. They are your best friends for life, and these eight things are the reasons why you're so close. Whenever the nostalgia hits hard, you know your cousins are the first people you call, and all the good times start coming back to you.

Family Reunions Were Never Boring
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You love your family, but there are times when you just want to escape the 20 questions and have fun. Luckily, you had your cousins there to sneak off and play games with. You still help each other out today when the interrogations from distant relatives commence about your dating life.

You Always Had A Main Squad To Do Things With

Growing up, you had a crew to do things with on the regular. You never had to worry about going to see a movie alone or getting stuck at home on the weekend. You had your cousins who were always down for whatever adventures you had planned.

You're Set For Life With A Group Of Best Friends

Some people search forever to find their true BFFs. You were born into squad goals. You never have to worry about your crew fading out, because they are the forever type.

You Always Had Someone To Share Things With

You and your cousins always shared things. You could raid their closets, and they would do the same to yours. I remember Christmas was always the best time in my family, because I got to play with my cousins' toys as well as my own.

They Loved Many Of The Same Things You Did Growing Up

You and your cousins may have loved the same TV shows and boy bands growing up. You can reach out to them whenever the nostalgia hits hard. They'll happily sing along to Britney Spears with you, while dancing it out in your room.

You Have A Go-To Travel Crew

Family vacations were always the best with your cousins. You traveled together so much as kids, that now you have go-to travel companions to check off your bucket list with. You never have to worry about who to go somewhere with, because your cousins are your first choice.

You Have So Many Inside Joke And Funny Stories
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Growing up, your cousins were there for the embarrassing stories. All of those funny stories have led to tons of inside jokes. They'll instantly make you feel better on a bad day just by thinking about them.

You Have A Group Who Fully Understands What You're Going Through At All Times

No one knows you better than your family. You can always go to your cousins when you're having a bad day, because they're not only able to listen, but they understand you better than anyone.

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