7 Things You Can Only Relate To If You Share Your Birthday With A Holiday

I've always been a firm believer that on your birthday, you deserve to truly live it up and make the rules. You are the boss, girlfriend. This is a day to celebrate your fabulous self, after all. However, if you share your birthday with a holiday, you may find yourself competing for center stage year after year, and the struggle can be all too real.

I love making a big deal out of my birthday, but I'm also one of those people who has to share the spotlight a bit, because my birthday is the day before Valentine's Day — aka, Galentine's Day. While it may not be exactly on Feb. 14, I still feel the affects.

I know I'm not alone in this struggle, as so many people have to share their big day with holidays. You might even laugh at these seven things, because you know them all too well.

But even though your birthday falls on a holiday, it's a day to throw that confetti in the air and celebrate — and you won't let anyone or anything try to take that away from you. It may be an adjustment, but you've grown to love your special holiday-birthday.

There's Some Friendly Competition For That Limelight
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As much as you try to get along with the holiday that's the same day as your birthday, there's always a little rivalry between you two. When you see the store aisles fill up with holiday decorations, you kind of want to replace everything with birthday decor instead. Even when you hear people talking about that particular holiday, you have to hold yourself back from blurting out, "It's also my birthday."

You Have To Adjust Your Schedule To Accommodate Holiday Plans

If you share your birthday with a holiday that never changes days, you know you'll always have to be the one to reschedule your plans. I have to work around everyone else's Valentine's Day schedule to find a day that works for my friends to come to my birthday party. Oh, the struggles!

You Also Become Attached To That Holiday
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For your entire life, you and that particular holiday have learned to share the spotlight with each other. Because of that, you have a special connection.

As much as I want to receive all the birthday attention, I really do love Valentine's Day. Some people may think of it as a cheesy day specifically made for couples, but I love celebrating by telling all of the special people in my life how much I appreciate them.

Your Presents Are Always In Holiday-Themed Gift Wrapping
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You're used to having your birthday presents follow some sort of holiday theme. That could mean that a Christmas birthday babe is used to having her gifts wrapped in snowmen and reindeer paper. I'm used to getting heart-shaped chocolate along with my gifts.

You're Tired Of Constantly Reminding People That It's Also Your Day

Until the government takes my request to make my birthday a national holiday, I just have to learn to accept that people are more aware of Valentine's Day.

You struggle to constantly remind people that it's also your birthday. You may feel like a broken record, but you and I both know how necessary that reminder is.

You Might Have The Day Off On Your Birthday
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Some birthdays end up on national holidays that you have the day off from work. That's like a little bonus present to you every year. On this special occasion, you truly get to celebrate your day the way you want.

You Hate When Someone Tries To Suggest Sharing Your Party
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You've run into the issue of having to share your birthday party with a holiday party. There's always that one person who suggests combining both into one, but you know better than that. No way are you going to let this holiday steal focus from you. Plus, it's always fun to have two parties instead of one.