8 Single People Reveal What They Miss The Most About Being In Love

Sometimes, being in love with someone can change everything. It can make you feel like you're seeing in color for the first time after only seeing in black and white. And sometimes, it can unfortunately come to an end for any number of reasons. Even if things had to end or if your partner just wasn't right for you, it's normal to miss being in love. When you're in a relationship with someone, you can get used to living your life alongside another person. There are so many aspects of single life that can now feel awkward or sad, simply because you're used to spending time and sharing simple life activities with another person.

As a single person, I have been thinking a lot about my first love lately. When I think back to that relationship, I feel like my memories literally have a super brightly tinted Instagram filter on them. Everything felt magical during the first time I fell in love, because I was letting someone into my world in a way I had never experienced before. What I miss the most are all of those tiny moments that were full of so much passion. I still think fondly of the small things like burning each other mix CDs with 30 songs that each had a specific meaning to us. I remember one night when I was leaving his house, and it started raining when I kissed him goodbye. Neither of us cared that we got completely drenched in the storm, simply because we wanted to kiss goodbye for... awhile.

The moral of the story is that if you miss being in love, you're totally not alone. The following people shared what they miss about the most about being in love, and I hope they makes you feel seen.

Sometimes you miss the familiarity of seeing your love...
carahg123 on Twitter

That feeling is so real. Missing that moment when you see your partner, and all of your feelings for them come rushing to your mind, is so valid.

Sometimes you find yourself wondering, "what if?"...
It's been five years since we last spoke, and I'm happily married now, but you still cross my mind. I'll always wonder "what if". The thought of us and what we could have been sends me into a tizzy and my makes my heartache. My hope is that [you] are genuinely happy and have found love and live a fulfilled life. You will always have a special place in my heart.


Sometimes you miss having someone to share everything with...
jamescobin on Twitter

It's hard to adjust to a life without someone that you used to share so much with. It's not just limited to romantic things, but also sharing all aspects of life together. It's something that's difficult to move on from.

Sometimes you miss the things that were special to just the two of you...
I miss the poetry we wrote to each other before either of us had said, 'I love you.' I would wake up and send him poems or wake up to a poem from him. The two of us were always looking for ways to dance around the word 'love' without actually calling it out. The poetry was probably bad but the love was good.

— Patrick, 25

Sometimes you weigh your options...

Sometimes you can feel nostalgic about your lost love, without losing sight of the truth. Being in love feels amazing, but getting hurt definitely does not.

Sometimes other couples remind you of your past...
lilybrown1001 on Twitter

Seeing other people in love can be really hard at times. It doesn't mean you're not happy for them, but it's definitely hard when you are thinking about your past relationships.

Sometimes you think about how confusing it all is...
thomasdoeswork on Twitter

Love is honestly such a paradox. Sometimes you can miss it a ton and also know that you don't want it back.

Sometimes you miss the small things...
"I miss the quiet, small moments the most I think. When I started dating my college boyfriend, it was fall and raining all the time. I remember really loving the singer Ben Howard at the time. Now whenever I hear songs by him, I think of those rainy days where we would just lay in my bed together and talk about anything or nothing at all. I remember that he would ride his bike to my college house in the cold, rain, or snow, and I would always kiss him when he came in the door. His face and lips were always cold from the ride over. Maybe that sounds silly, but I missing kissing his cold face and being the one to warm him up. It's over for a reason, but... yeah, I guess I am glad I have these memories."

— Paige, 24

If you miss being in love, hopefully these quotes helped reassure you that you're not alone in the experience. It can be comforting to know you're not the only one to feel a certain way. It's OK to look back sometimes at what you used to have. But make sure you also look ahead, because there might just be more love waiting for you to find it.

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