If You Love Pickles, You Probably Need Every Item On This List

Pickles may not seem like the latest and greatest accessory you need to have in your life, but for some reason, those salty snacks are kind of a big dill — and I wholeheartedly support the trend. There's just something about a pickle that has us all channeling The Little Rascals singing, "I've got a pickle. I've got a pickle. I've got a pickle. Hey, hey, hey, hey." So, if you love pickles, you will need to add every item on this list to your shopping cart ASAP. From pickle stickers to pickles patches and even pickle lip balm — the possibilities for a pickled item really are endless.

Just like that random pickle craving you might have every once in awhile, I'm not entirely sure why people love pickles so much. But don't look at me to question that pickle love. I encourage all to totally embrace it. The heart wants what it wants, and many of our hearts are screaming, "More pickles, please."

If you're also pickled in love, here are 10 pickle items you need to purchase, literally, right now. Just don't get yourself in a pickle by going overboard with the spending. Be diligent when pick-ling out what you want when browsing through this epic list. You see what we did there? So, keep calm and pickle on.

This Pickle Sticker Is Kind Of A "Big Dill"

Kinda A Big Dill Pickle Sticker, $3, Etsy

Everyone will know how important you are when you have this pickle sticker stating you're "kinda a big dill." These stickers are cute AF, and will look great on your phone case, favorite notebook, or on your laptop. Get a sticker for you and your bestie, so she also knows just how important she is, too.

Patch Your Denim Up With A Pickle Patch

Pickle Patch, $9, Etsy

Just try saying "pickle patch" five times fast. It's hard, but you know what's not hard? Deciding whether or not to buy a pickle patch for your wardrobe. Add it to your denim jacket to turn it from just a regular jacket to your favorite denim jacket real quick.

This Dill Pickle Lip Balm Is The Real MVP

Dill Pickle Lip Balm, $3+, Etsy

OK, I know what you're thinking. "Dill pickle lip balm?" But just hear me out. Don't you love the taste of pickles? Wouldn't you love to carry that taste with you essentially everywhere? That's what you get with dill pickle lip balm. I say, give it a try.

Let Your Friends Know How Much You Care With This Sweet Pickle Card

Pickle Card, $4, Etsy

With text messaging and Email, we kind of neglect the wonderful concept of snail mail and getting a letter delivered straight to your house. Your friend will love getting this card in the mail, knowing you took the extra effort to show her how much you care. Plus, you're letting her know that she is a "big dill" to you, and it'll have her smiling just as big as this adorable pickle pictured.

Broach The Subject Of Getting Yourself A Pickle Brooch

Festive Pickle Wearable Art Brooch, $16, Etsy

Brooches are fancy AF, and truly dress up any outfit you have planned. Show off that you are a regal woman (who loves pickles very much) by getting this pickle brooch. Pin it to your collar or on your favorite sweater. Either way, you'll have heads turning as they're wondering, "Is that a pickle?"

These Pickles Will Become Your New Ear Buds

Polymer Clay Pickle Earrings, $12, Etsy

I firmly stand by the idea that pickles go with just about any outfit. You would eat a pickle any day of the week, so why wouldn't you wear one as well? These quirky pickle earrings are super fun, and will probably have everyone craving a pickle when you walk by wearing them.

This Pickle Is As Cute As A Button

Big Dill Pickle Button, $2, Etsy

Buttons are meant to be worn with so much pride, so show off how much you love pickles with this one. You're pretty passionate about pickles, and you really don't care who knows it. Tell everyone to dill with it.

Dream Of Pickles While Laying On This Pickle Pillow

Big Dill Pickle Pillow, $27, Etsy

A throw pillow is your chance to spice up your couch with a little bit of your personality. That's why you need to let everyone know your slight obsession with pickles with some pickle throw pillows. Your furniture will go from drab to totally pickled fab.

For Your Fur Baby Who Also Loves Pickles

Kind Of A Big Dill Pickle Dog Bandana, $15+, Etsy

Your dog — or cat — will look absolutely precious sporting this pickle bandana. You're letting the world know what you already do, which is your fur baby is extremely special. I honestly can't wait to see all the furry friends out there sporting this cute bandana.

Celebrate Your Love Of Pickles With Confetti

Pickle Die Cut Confetti, $4+, Etsy

I never knew I needed pickle confetti in my life until I saw this on Etsy. Seriously, my life didn't have pickle confetti before, but now the ideas are running through my head. Pickle confetti will now be used for all birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, and just because. We're living in a pickle confetti world.