8 Undeniable Truths About Liking Your Pet Way More Than People

The moment you laid eyes on your pet, it was a done deal. You instantly became the best of friends, and you didn't mind spending countless hours hanging with them, instead of other people. You still have human friends per say, but your pet is truly your pawfect match — and unlike some peeps, they hardly ever disappoint. No one's judging you if you like your pet more than people, because sometimes, four legs really are better than two.

For starters, pets are loyal AF, and if there were a medal given for the best Netflix and cuddle companions, they'd be awarded gold each time. Loving your pet just comes so naturally, and you never have to question where you stand with them. (Although, it's usually right next to them begging for more wet kisses for the millionth time.)

Your pet has a way of tugging at your heartstrings, and you're all for how much it makes you want to spend every bit of your free time with them. I mean, how could you not grow attached to this adorable furry friend you take care of and cater to 24/7? People aren't so bad, but when you've been totally overcome by your how awesome your pet is, you know these eight things to be too true.

You've Canceled Plans Just To Be Home With Your Pet

Did your pet just do something too tremendously cute, that your eyes are glued to them until they decide to do it again? You're so used to canceling plans just to have some quality time with your pet. With them, you don't have to dress up or go anywhere fancy. You can just kick back, relax, put on those fluffy slippers of yours, and have your own pawty.

You Trust Your Pet's Judgment Of Other People

If your pet doesn't like someone, you subconsciously don't trust this person. You've been around your pet long enough to know that they aren't just blowing steam when they fuss around a particular person. It's just like your bestie telling you about someone who rubs them the wrong way, except with a lot more barking.

You Have Full-Blown Convos About Your Day To Your Pet

This might sound a tad silly, but somewhere deep down inside, you know your pet thinks your workload is as unreasonable as you do. Sure, you could call your friend to vent about your day, but your pet is your go-to. Besides, their little furry face seems so freaking understanding about how crappy you felt spilling your coffee and being late to work.

You Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday More Than You Do For Other People

You will plan a full-on birthday bash for your pet before you would for other people. Maybe it's because you think your pet will appreciate it more? Or, you can't deny how cute they look in front of their cake and with their party hat on.

You Don't Like Matching Clothes With People, But You'll Coordinate With Your Pet

You've never been the matching clothes type of person, but you will rock a coordinated sweater or pajama outfit with your pet any day of the week. Hey, they didn't have any more in your friend's size... or maybe, you weren't even looking. Your pet deserves a wardrobe or two (that you also have in your closet).

Your Pet Comes Before Several People On Your Holiday Gift List

When you are making your Christmas or holiday gift list, you don't try to exclude anyone, but your pet is always at the way top. They never ask for anything, and since that is your ride or die right there, you want to give them literally everything. Honestly, you're like their year-round Santa Claus.

Your Pet Gets Dibs On Shotgun, Even If Other People Are In The Car

If your pet loves to put their head out the window, or simply enjoys the front seat feels, you always let them ride shotgun. Yes, even if your friends are tagging along, your pet is going to be right by your side. It beats frantically checking your rearview mirror to make sure they're OK in the back.

You'll Give Up Your Bed For Your Pet, But Not For Guests

You wouldn't dare disturb your pet while they're sleeping. Even if they're sprawled across your bed, their comfort is everything. Your friends can definitely crash at your place, but the couch is their first stop, not your bed.

Picking your fur baby over people just means you're a loyal pet owner. I'm sure they'd pick you over their animal friends any day.