If You Hate Unpacking After A Great Trip, You Can Relate To These 7 Things

You've spent the past six months planning the ultimate vacation. You curated the perfect itinerary, and you've been counting down the days until you depart. You spent weeks putting together perfect outfits for those Insta-worthy photos, and it's safe to say, you're full of excitement. Fast-forward to your trip, and it's much better than you ever expected. You're in heaven, but time flies, and your trip is over before you know it. Now, you're left with a heart full of memories and a suitcase full of clothes to sort through. If you hate unpacking after a great trip, then you've been there and done that, so you can definitely relate to these particular things.

Packing for a trip can be so exciting. You get the chance to pick out the cutest clothes and accessories to explore your new destination in. You've been waiting for this trip, and there's just so much to look forward to. By the time it's time to unpack, you're forced to face the fact that this long-anticipated trip is officially over.

When it comes to unpacking, many people find themselves procrastinating, because there isn't nearly as much to look forward to. Keep reading this article to see if you can relate to these seven things that happen once it's time to unpack.

You Wish You Could Teleport Back To Your Destination ASAP

By the time you get around to unpacking, you have to face the reality that your trip is over. Unpacking symbolizes the end of an epic trip, which no one looks forward to. You stare dreadfully at your suitcase, and wish that you could relive every moment from your getaway all over again.

You Have To Make Time In Your Busy Schedule To Get Organized

Much like packing, unpacking is a process. At least when you're packing for a trip, you are more than happy to block out a chunk of time in your schedule to get your things together. When you're unpacking, your trip is done, and you need to make time to get organized at home. It definitely makes it a lot easier to procrastinate after a long, busy trip.

You Loathe Sorting Through Your Clothes

By the end of your trip, you're left with a mix of unworn clothing and dirty clothing. Now, you must sort through your suitcase to determine which clothes will go into the laundry, and which clothes can be returned to your drawers. Part of you just wants to dump your entire suitcase into your laundry, because that would be much more convenient.

You Can't Seem To Find The Important Things

Since you've decided to procrastinate the unpacking process, you have a hard time finding the everyday necessities for weeks to come. You're forced to dig through your suitcase every morning in search for that lotion bottle or tank top. You keep telling yourself that you'll unpack your bag soon, but the days keep passing by.

The Laundry Takes Literally Forever

Unpacking means that you have to sort, wash, dry, fold, and store your clothing away for everyday life. This can seem overwhelming and boring at the same time. You'd rather wear all of your other clothes until you you're forced to wash the ones in your suitcase.

You'd Much Rather Sleep
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Catching up on sleep sounds a lot better than unpacking your suitcase, am I right? The thought of unpacking and returning to real life just makes you tired. You decide that there's no better time to take a nap.

It's Hard Saying Goodbye To Your Suitcase
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By the time you put your suitcase away, you struggle with the fact that it may be a while before you use it again. We've all been there, done that. Fortunately, this just means that you have to start planning that next trip! You'll be packing it again in no time.