If You Grew Up In A House With Mostly Girls, These 8 Things Are So Accurate

Where are my ladies at? For those of you who lived and breathed the meaning of girl power on the reg growing up, you're beyond #blessed. If your village is mostly women, you know your upbringing was a tad different than most. To all of my people out there who grew up in a house with mostly girls, there are many great things you can attest to.

It's almost like living with your favorite girlfriends, except these humans share the same gene pool as you and won't hesitate to borrow your clothes without notice. You all look up to the same matriarch (your dope mom) and live by the same rules. Although, you can pinpoint a few times you guys thought it was a good idea to break said rules. But, you were in it together, right?

Together, women are unstoppable. They're like magical unicorns who raise even more majestic unicorns. If there were ever a reason to cue the sparkly glitter and heavenly harps, it's because a group of strong women have entered the room (but I digress). Your household was defined by the awesome women in it, and that's why these eight things will speak to your soul.

You Had Hand-Me-Down Clothes, But It Wasn't So Bad

Eventually, you had those same pants your sister had when she was your age. Hey, it saved your parents money, and you couldn't ever really say you didn't have anything to wear. When you all got older and established your own styles, you loved going into each other's closets and swapping items.

You Had Several People To Talk To About Your Problems

Did your crush totally not get any of your cues that you liked them, or did you just have a rough day in high school? When you got home, there was always someone to talk to about your feelings. An added bonus is that at least one person had gone through your same struggles and could totally relate.

Getting Dibs On The Bathroom Meant Having A Game Plan

If you ever tried to hog the bathroom, you got called out for it instantly. Having a house with mostly girls meant you needed to get your minutes in without conflicting with anyone else's bathroom time. You think Hunger Games was all about strategy? Try having one bathroom with several girls on the hunt for mirror time.

Your Sleepovers Were Lit

Honestly, women have a knack for planning things. Whether it was someone's birthday or just a summer sleepover, you and your guests were living your best lives. From the snacks to the boy band songs you listened to on repeat, a sleepover for the ladies (and planned by the ladies in your household) was absolute fire.

For Special Occasions, Your Hair And Makeup Were All Set

Most of your cosmetic needs could be fulfilled by simply going to the room next to you. You likely never had to leave your house to get ready for big events, unless you wanted super professional treatment. Besides, those times of prepping for any of your special occasions were bonding moments.

You Didn't Mean To Team Up On Your Dad, But It Happened

OK, your dad was mostly the odd guy out and didn't agree with every idea or desire you and your sisters had. You didn't want to join forces against him or anything, but you couldn't help it if other people *cough, girls* of the house agreed with you. Poor guy.

"She Did It" Was A Line You Used Often

Every kid goes through that blame game, and when it's mostly ladies to choose from, saying "she did it," was like a catch phrase. You ladies stuck together for the most part. So, sharing the consequences of your actions was a team effort.

If Your House Was Quiet, Something Was Gravely Wrong

Peace and quiet wasn't ever a thing in your house unless something was wrong. Either people were partaking in the silent treatment, or someone was planning something that they shouldn't have been doing. You enjoyed all the hectic noises if it meant you and your girls were on good terms.

Growing up in a house full of women benefited you in so many different ways. You can't imagine your childhood without them.