I Went To A Women's New Moon Circle & It Was Filled With Magic & Sisterhood

by Valerie Mesa

Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic? Remember toward the end of the movie, when all the women come together for a special ceremony to save Gillian Owens? Well, I did something similar, minus the scary exorcism of Jimmy Angelov, of course. I went to a women's moon circle this past April, for the new moon in Aries, and it was honestly an unforgettable experience, to say the least. I'll be honest, this wasn't my first moon circle, but for some reason, this particular ceremony stood out to me compared to the others. I guess we could blame the bright Aries vibes, not to mention the enchantment of Spring Solstice. Yep, that'll do it.

Truth is, women are witches; we are the daughters of the moon. (It's no coincidence that you and your female friends, and coworkers, somehow always get your "moon time" together every month. You can blame la luna and its mysterious pull.) So, if you've ever thought about hosting a new moon circle, with your fellow sisters of the moon, or your best girlfriends for that matter, I highly suggest you do so. Trust me, welcoming a new moon phase with a spiritual ceremony, in harmonious energy flow, can be incredibly magical and uplifting.

That said, here's how I brought in the new moon this past April:

Gathering For The New Moon

Sohara Pérez Osuna, astrologer and life coach, led the circle and asked that we stand in a line before we entered, so she can cleanse our energy before starting the ceremony. (You don't want to gather in a negative space, so it's important to be prepared.) Once we had all made ourselves comfortable, we began telling the circle, one by one, how we felt in that very moment.

I remember saying, "grateful," when it was my turn. Which, what's even more amazing is, I wasn't the only one who said that. You can tell that the majority of the women gathered felt at home in the circle. It's almost as if our female ancestors were also there with us. It was something so natural, I couldn't explain the feeling. Not trying to sound dramatic here, but it's not everyday you see a group of women sitting together, bonding over the new moon, and being present in the moment.

Flower Crowns For Spring Solstice

After our individual introductions of gratitude, we discussed the energy of the Aries new moon and the symbolism behind the Spring Solstice. We were also given colorful flowers and crafts to design our very own flower crowns. Sohara, my astrology mentor, and several women from the circle, built a flower portal in the backyard, so we could run through it while saying our intentions aloud. It was also meant to symbolically welcome the beginning of a new era. For instance, with this new moon, we were also kicking off spring 2018, which is why it was that much more special.

At the end of the day, it's important to understand the spirituality behind all 12 astrological seasons, considering they all tell a story, and embody a specific energy. Truth is, there aren't just four seasons in a year, and "New Year's Day" isn't the only "beginning" we are granted with. Aries season marks the beginning of spring, as it is our cosmic rebirth. This is precisely why we wore the flower crowns, and walked through the portal, as a symbol of a brand new era, and astrological year.

The Magical Flower Portal

Valerie Mesa

Gathering for the new moon is a symbol of sacred sisterhood, and an ancient tradition used to awaken the divine feminine. The circle was cast in many ancient traditions as a symbol of grounding, centering, and enclosure for the participants. New moon circles normally take place in a comfortable and spacious area, where you can sit around an altar, and decorate it accordingly. The support of the circle encourages the women present to express their thoughts, emotions, and desires. Using positive mantras, meditations, and affirmations are also part of the ritual.

Remember, every sign has a different energy, so the activities that take place naturally depend on the sign the new moon is in and its theme. In this case, the flower crowns were a symbol of spring; however, I also had the privilege of participating in other rituals where we decorated masks and removed them from our faces during the ritual, as a symbol of spiritual unveiling. (In fact, I also built a seed germinator from scratch once, too! Any moon circle really depends on the intention.)

Hosting a new moon circle with your friends is easier than you think. At the end of the day, the most important part is finding the perfect location to gather with your best gals. Once you've figured that out, buy yourself some incense, candles, and a colorful tapestry to sit around. The rest really depends on the theme of the moon. For example, there will be a new moon in Libra on Oct. 8, and Libra is the sign of balance and relationships. How can you learn more about yourself while interacting with others? Perhaps you can set up groups of two, where you both become each other's mirror, ultimately showing the each other what you see from a personal perspective. See where I'm going with this? The options are infinite, as long as you follow along with the astrological theme, and set your intentions.