I tried Vanessa Hudgens workout

I Tried Vanessa Hudgens Pilates Workout & Here's How It Went

by Hollee Actman Becker
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You've been there before: You're scrolling through your Instagram feed when you see your favorite celeb post about their favorite new product — a face serum, vitamins that will make your skin brighter, or a specialty food service. You can't help but want to be like the stars, but are the products worth it? In Elite Daily's new series, I Tried, we put it all to the test. We're trying those products as well as celebrities' health and wellness tips, recipes, and life hacks. We'll do the leg work and tell you what living like your fave star is really like.

Lately, I've been in a little bit of a fitness funk. By which I mean I haven't been exercising. Like, at all. But when I found out that former High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens was doing a workout called WundaBar, I was intrigued. For one thing, it sounded like some kind of cool new cocktail bar. And for another, you can stream the sessions at home in just 30 minutes. So, I tried WundaBar workouts like Vanessa Hudgens from the privacy of my own home for two whole weeks. And lemme tell ya... it was worth every minute.

As far as I know, Hudgens doesn't actually do the at-home version of WundaBar. She has, however, been spotted hitting up an actual WundaBar studio for 45-minute Pilates-based classes that combine a traditional Pilates reformer, a ballet bar, a jump board, and something called a "Wunda Chair" into one majorly intimidating-looking machine.

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Here's what Hudgens told Parade about the sessions back in June:

I’ve been going to this Pilates studio called WundaBar for years and it’s just a great deep muscle-training workout. It’s not super high intensity but I always feel it the next day.

"Not super high intensity" is something I could get behind. And luckily, WundaBar started a streaming service last spring, which meant I could try Hudgens' workout without having to leave the house. Plus, the classes are only 30 minutes instead of 45, and the machine is replaced with a set of weights, a resistance band, and a small Pilates ball.

I'm not the kind of girl who just happens to have a Pilates ball hanging around the house. So I grabbed a half-deflated mini-basketball for my first WundaSculpt session instead, because I'm resourceful like that.

Courtesy of Hollee Actman Becker

The full-body workout consists of lots of core stuff, plus planks, side planks, pliés, wide-leg squats, side-lying leg lifts, and weighted arm work.

This is me attempting some squatting rotations with my basketball:

Courtesy of Hollee Actman Becker

I gotta say, my warrior lunge doesn't look that bad for a total beginner. But my obliques hurt so much the next day after completing all of those twists.

And then came the side planks on the floor, which were legit killer. Here's Wundabar founder Amy Jordan (center) making them look so beautiful and easy:


Meanwhile, I could barely do one side plank on my first go-round. By week two of streaming, however, I was flying through an entire set.

The floor series with weights came a lot easier to me from the get-go, and I loved that my arms were getting such a great workout because they tend to be my weakest body part (hence my struggle with planks).

Courtesy of Hollee Actman Becker

My least favorite part of the workout was definitely the ab series, though, because it was hard. Here is me awkwardly trying to balance the ball underneath myself in preparation:

Courtesy of Hollee Actman Becker

By the end of two weeks I can now position that ball properly in my sleep. Plus, I feel great. I really love how low-impact the WundaBar classes are, while at the same time, I feel like my entire body is really working. And while exercising for 30 minutes a day for two weeks may not sound all that intense, I feel toned, I have a ton of energy, my abs are no longer screaming at me during the workouts, and I'm already so much stronger.

In other words, WundaBar streaming is bomb and I definitely plan to keep up with it. Only I'll probably do the sessions three times a week instead of six or seven. Baby steps, people!

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